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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.

WMG for the Western Animation series:

The winner of Gaming's next Top Princess was Rouge the Bat
Just because it is the most absurd choice possible.

There will be a Spy vs. Spy spinoff by 2014

Some Spy vs. Spy cartoons have been, or will be, recycled from the live-action MADtv series
  • Confirmed.

The winner of Gaming's next Top Princess was Krystal from Star Fox

At some point in the future, the show will spoof My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, thus earning the scorn of the entire internet
And even if it turns out to be one of their surprisingly well-researched or affectionate parodies, the 'net will still erupt in flames over them making fun of the sacred cow that is MLP.
  • Considering this happened with Naruto fans and the Naru210 skit, this is inevitable.
  • It happened— by God, they actually did it! No word on any flame wars, though.
  • Technically, it was not a full skit with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic... so...
  • MLP was spoofed twice in the same episode, in both the Cowboys And Alien Force and ThunderLOLCats skits. Even if it's not a skit directly parodying the series itself, it still counts.
  • As a brony, I can say I wasn't at all offended by either skit :P
  • Ponies on motorcycles?
  • One skit is called "My Little War Horse". Indeed, this is the full MLP spoof we've been waiting for.
    • Tara Strong herself even had a voice in said skit!
    • Another episode parodies this show with "My Little Pwny".
In an expnsion to the above there will be a pony episode a la the ape episode

There will be a Invader Zim/Grimm Crossover parody called 'Invader Grimm'
  • The idea is Nick finds out that not only is he a Grimm, he is also an Irken
    • Oh! I got one! Then Dib thinks he’s Zim and tries to hunt him down

"My Little Pwny" takes place in one of the glitched Equestrias
  • Compare the skit with any of the videos and it's eerily similar: A world just like MLP:FIM, with the same characters, but everyone has become a jerkass. Not to mention humans are present in both.

Ideas for parody sketches. Go!
Fell free to add your own parodies here

UPDATE: MAD is cancelled, meaning all these entries are Jossed. Sorry guys.

There will a segment called "Mad Classics" where they do animated versions of classic articles and parodies featured in the magazines
  • and they will be like they were written and drawn in the same art style.
Spy VS Spy is actually a training mission and White Spy and Black Spy are actually allies.

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