Heartwarming / MAD

  • The Poke-E-Harmony short is both funny and adorable.
    Pikachu: (After getting shocked while kissing a Jolteon) Pika pika wow! I think I'm in love!
  • The Adjustment Burro short. There's something adorable and touching about Eeyore wanting to be with Twilight Sparkle since she's the first thing that's ever truly made him happy.
  • One of Bill Gaines' favourite comics was of a dying man calling his friend close, only to say "Last tag!" before dying. The heartwarming part? As Gaines lay dying in the hospital, his wife reached out, touched him and said "Last tag."
  • Part of the "Alfred E. Neuman for president" arc involved a "celebrity endorsement", which was really just a clip of Batman talking about his butler Alfred, but every time he said his name the clip paused and a voice says "E. Neuman". Ignoring that part, it's really nice to hear Bruce showing that he really does appreciate all that Alfred has done for him over the years.
    • Similarly, in "The Great Batsby" sketch, one thing that never changed about Mr. Freeze: he only ever does anything villainous because he loves his wife.