Headscratchers / MAD

For the animated series:

  • WTF is with all the Twilight jokes?
    • Probably, they see so many jokes that could be made, they use each one.
    • It still doesn't excuse the fact that there are so many.
      • Acceptable Targets
      • This last, for sure. Twilight jokes are as much of a plague on pop culture these days as Twilight itself.
      • To me, it seems they hate it so much that simply making one parody is not enough.If they make just a bit of a parody of a show, they probably think its worthy to be on their but since so many people hate Twilight these days, its no surprise if their encouraging you to hate it.
    • It's MAD. Making fun of the current big thing is what they do.

  • Why is creator Kevin Shinick in each skit? He's not even good at changing his voice; you can clearly tell it's always the same guy!
    • Rule of Funny?
    • Maybe to save a little bit of money in the budget?
    • He likes the sound of his own voice?
    • It seems that the animators initially do all of the voices for their shorts before they choose which to use for the show, and then redub with professional voice actors. It is possible that they sometimes keep their own voices to save time, or because of a lack of it to find more voices.
    • I thought he does it so the sketches of each episode have a subtle link.
      • How is that subtle?

  • Why did Dora kick the crap out of Jaden Smith for beating up Backpack? It's not her backpack anymore.
    • Officially Jaden said he was only borrowing it. And it's for a good laugh.

  • Why is Kirby blue?

  • Does anyone understand the That's What She Said joke at the end of "The Clawfice"?

  • How are any of the Toy Story sequels considered bad? Seriously I thought they broke Sequelitis and were really good. WTF is their problem?
    • While general consensus is that they're good, MAD is just doing a parody of them, like the magazine. MAD parodies pretty much everything, regardless if you or anyone else think it's funny or not.

  • From "Captain American't"...doesn't anyone else find it weird how Lady Gaga and Jack Black looked exactly the same 70 years ago? I know it's a MAD sketch, but seriously...

  • From "James Bond: Reply All"
    Bond: Go go gadget net!
  • Ok, I know that's supposed to be an Inspector Gadget reference, but how is any KID supposed to get that joke?
    • How do you know that kids haven't seen the live action Inspector Gadget films, or even the original series? Also, who says the series is only for kids?
    • I'm a tween, and I'm familiar with Inspector Gadget. Kids today aren't as oblivious as most people think.
    • The same kids who were supposed to get all The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air references they've been making.

  • On "Once Upon A Toon"
Anyone else disappointed that no one reprise their roles? Jeff Bennett isn't that difficult to get.
Have any the creators seen Naruto? The only real jab at Naruto was that the best fights happen off screen which isn't correct at all I mean If there's one thing they could make fun of it's the constant flashbacks and this is coming from a Naruto fanboy.

For the [[Magazine]]:

  • This troper's father once said that "Mad Magazine is for kids", yet they ran articles like "Ok I cut it now what to do with it by Lorena Bobbit" and "Playboy Playmate Rejects", plus the magazine got noticeably more vulgar in the late 90's, aaaand there's a reason why "Madkids" existed. So the question is, is Mad Magazine for kids or not despite the added vulgar content.
    • MAD handles more adult content, for the most part, but there are often a good deal of jokes a child could understand (a lot of them end up in the book collections made for fans of the animated show). A lot of the media they parody are teenage to adult content. It's probably most suitable for ages thirteen and up.