Awesome / Go Get a Roomie!

  • One from Lillian early on; exiling Roomie (who up to that point had been overly aggressive in coming on to her and not ever acknowledging Lillian's boundaries) to the couch.
  • During the Truth or Dare game at Jo's bar, when Lillian channels Roomie and flusters Ramona with a lovely bit of sexual innuendo.
  • Roomie coming to Lillian's defense when Allan lectures her over a computer purchase, and letting the Twins move in.
  • In one of WOC i.e. Manisa's flashbacks to Alice, her moment of epiphany about being different.
    Manisa: [determined] I see it as bad because it's outside the norm, because I feel I don't fit in anymore. But it doesn't have to be bad. It doesn't have to feel like I'm "less" than anyone else. Fuck them. I'm my own person and I rock.
  • Burned!
  • Even if it was a misunderstanding, Lillian coming to Roomie's perceived defense is awesome
  • The Big Damn Kiss moment in Strip 666, LT's feelings toward Roomie almost feel physical, backed by the utter confidence of "I fucking LIKE you, and I DARE you to tell me you aren't worth liking."
  • Matt stands up to Ramona. And gets some backup from Jo and Richard, who is giving Ramona the dirtiest look he's ever given anyone.
  • Lillian does not put up with sass.
  • Lillian lays down the law on Roomie's ego.
  • Ramona flirting with Roomie to try and prove a point. Roomie spins it on her.