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YMMV: Go Get a Roomie!
  • Awesome Art: The second "Knight In Furs" story by artist Jack-Kaiser(Formerly Jack-Of-Box).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Roomie's clarifying answers about what she meant when she told Lillian "I like you" are even funnier when you notice that every one of the answers is equally true — despite the cliche of "I like you because I want to have sex with you", Roomie really does simultaneously like Lillian, like being around Lillian, and like Lillian for being Lillian — even as she feels sexual desire for Lillian.
  • Growing the Beard: Happens several times over the course of the comic.
  • Mary Sue: Roomie is an unrepentant moocher who seems to have no respect for boundaries, or even comprehension of them. Everyone she meets seem to think she's perfect, with the possible exception of the Defrosting Ice Queen, whose gradual warming up to Roomie is presented as positive Character Development on her part. She's also practically irresistible, an able martial artist...Need we go on?
    • Moves on to be deconstructed later on in the comic - Roomie is portrayed as deeply unsettled that she serves as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl to everyone, but stays in the same place she always is herself and notices how little character development happened to her when she returns and realizes that people moved on just fine without her around.
  • Squick: Roomie has armpit hair.

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