Awesome / Goblins

  • Although a bit character near the start, Boulder the Ogre is decapitated by Kore. Before keeling over for good, he proceeds to get back up and pose defiantly.
  • Most of what Ears does after he gets his armor. Most notably, clearing out an entire crowd during the rescue of Fumbles.
    • Note: He's a paladin, and one of the finest examples of that class you'll ever find. So the way he lies to get people to flee is a strong moment of characterization that proves Good doesn't have to be Stupid.
    • He does feel uncomfortable to attack from behind though, and he oftentimes gets Honor Before Reason moments.
  • Ca-Click.
  • If Big Ears the goblin paladin doesn't qualify by moving his evil-radiating holy axe of "excessively goodie-good acts or else end of the world" through his head in apparent decapitation to terrify some innocents into fleeing to safety while inflicting a Heroic B.S.O.D. to his goblin friend, and at the same time, break out of his own, and prevent an I Did What I Had to Do that bordered on Moral Dissonance doesn't qualify, nothing will; it has the most twists on tropes you can have on a single page without feeling it was done for cheesy humor.
  • When Ears and Complains are trapped in an alley with a squad of guards psyching up to charge them with how goblins are only a 1/3 challenge rating. After a moment of panic Complains starts to armor up and Ears asks what he's doing. "Redefining 1/3 Challenge Rating."
    • "Tu. Dae. Fadda!"
    • While the previous is, indeed, awesome, Thaco shows that Complains has only inherited a bit of his awesome in this strip.
    • Here, Thaco shows off his monk skills by catching an arrow, jumping across the pipes in a sewer, and impaling Dellyn Goblinnslayer on a broken pipe. Then, he finds the knife Dellyn used to torture him with and calmly walks up to him, all while Dellyn desperately struggles to get up.
    Thaco: Now, Dellyn...bleed for me.
  • There is also Tempts Fate, whose existence is a never-ending series of Crowning Moments of Awesome.
  • Fox is hanging precariously over the side of a cliff, held up only by a long blade from Dies' arm piercing through her leg. So what does she do? Start pulling herself up the blade with her bare hands.
  • The demon Noe appears every time you say his name (assuming the correct setup). He will be summoned three times and answer a question each time truthfully. Summoned a fourth time, however, and he'll kill you all horribly. Because he also will be summoned when homonyms of his name are said, it's pretty easy to summon him accidentally. The three goblins realize their predicament and are shitting themselves, when K'sleliss decides that he's not going to have this hang over their heads like the sword of Damocles, summons the demon, asks him a question about his positioning when summoned, summons him again, asks about how well he can withstand having his throat torn out, and summons him for the killing spree summon, and tears out Noe's throat while materializing. The three goblins stand there in shock.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Furniture. Traded in my ability to wink.
  • Chief shows some spine.
  • Kore shows his i.m.e.
  • Kore is down for the count, using a rope magically plunged through his face! Unfortunately it only made him mad.
  • Dies-Horribly is actually able to make ''running away'' sound awesome.
  • Grem, here, proving that he does not give up when trying to save a companion. Holy shit.
  • The author gets one, although it may have been unintentional. He recently released the stats for the creature known as "Mr. Fingers". And as any D and D player knows, if you can stat it, then you can kill it. That's right, he made it possible to KILL the monster that had haunted his nightmares as a child, and not just by himself, but by D and D players everywhere, anytime anyone wants to. Payback, bitch.
    • Unintentional? Thunt gets a meta-Moment of Awesome for transcribing the unkillable nightmare horror from his childhood onto paper, and decisively killing it, with HIS CHARACTERS no less. Now that's catharsis.
  • K'Sellis has been all but crippled lately. His arms and legs have all but rotted off, and his tail is about to join him. So what does he do when Grem is in serious trouble fighting Mr. Fingers? Leaps through the air and BITES HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF.
  • Real life example when Thunt's house was in danger of being foreclosed on. He put out a tempts fate where the goal was $30,000 in a little over a month. Fans hit that goal three days in.
  • Scorpion!Kin was right. This IS good!
  • Our Kin "demonstrates the advantages" of a snake tail over a scorpion tail. Wait, did we say "demonstrates the advantages"? We meant used Bluff instead of Grapple to get Scorpion Kin in a pin and break her neck without letting her use the stinger. "Useless"? Yeah, no.
    Forgath: Okay... Never hug me.
  • Dies Horribly finally stops trembling and gets mad here
    Demon: I'm going to rip you apart.
    Dies: You've already done that. It didn't work.
    • The Moment of Awesome lasts for the two subsequent pages, as well.
      • And then subverted when you discover that it wasn't him. It was him being taken over by an Evil Hand that is jealously possessive of him.
  • Tempts Fate crosses a lake of fire.
    Tempts Fate: Now all I have to do is get out of Hell.
    Eye of the Demon Lord: And buy a comfortable boot?
    Tempts Fate: Not gonna happen.
  • "Suck badger!"
  • Kin gets one in a different way. An alternative Minmax has a demon as an unwilling servant and they don't have any holy weapons. So what does she do? She gets the demon to tell her his True Name in order to release him from the servitude.
  • Two minor ones in rapid succession, although they are done while Forgath is stalling Kore, which is a CMOA by itself; first, Fumbles, AKA Senor Vorpal, does something smart, maybe starting to recover; then, in the next comic, Forgath defeats Kore's shield by grabbing on it and making Kore fall on his face.
    • For as much as we all want him to die horribly, you have to give it to Kore. Performing a flip move after falling on his face, armor and all, to get on his back, and then rasing himself up with levers he had in his shield just for such an occasion was pretty darn awesome. You can now trully believe that this bastard took on whole armies by himself.
  • Forgath actually choosing to give time for Minmax and the Goblins to solve the puzzle by battling Kore is definitely this. Remember, Forgath is perfectly aware who Kore is and what he's capable of. He knows he's been prophesized to be killed (horribly) by another dwarf. He knows he's fighting a losing battle, but is willing to give it his all for the sake of his allies. Even when he's being sliced up he continues to battle the insane Knight Templar with little trepidation on his face, just grim determination.
  • Kore has Forgath cornered, all alone, and proclaims he's going to kill him handily, telling him he's "reached [his] end". Forgath's rebuttal?
  • Dies Horribly calls out Riss, the Viper Clan fortune teller, on his logic regarding the Vipers' success.
  • Thaco gets two in succession in the creepy dungeon he, the rest of the GAP and Minmax have been stranded in: first, he manages to escape the magical ropes/vines entangling them all with an awesome escape check. Then, he manages to singlehandedly take down the golems that activated to try and kill him after doing so.
  • Big Ears gets an awesome moment when confronting a flea demon after breaking the Axe of Prissan by both poking the holes in the demon's story and coupling it with an Ironic Echo Badass Boast as well!
    Flea Demon: The Sacred will never speak to creatures as insignificant as you. You will scream for mercy as many souls in this realm will. In this way, you will speak to The Sacred. But he will not answer you.
    (after Ears' awesome analysis moment)
    Flea Demon: You insult The Sacred with your words! He will rip off your skin and replace it with your childhood nightmares! He will scream your name in a language so old, that...
    Big Ears: Yes, he will. He will scream my name. In this way, he will speak to me. But I will not answer him.
  • Fumbles demonstrates that he is, actually, smarter than he acts.
    • Building on from that, a couple of comics later, after Complains and Minmax are at each other's throats, Fumbles stops them by giving them both an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech, pointing out that Minmax can't complain about the Teller ceremony just because it's unlike anything done in human society, and likewise pointing out that Complains has no right to throw Minmax's lost comrades in his face and accuse the human of "using" them.
  • Kin once again shows how insanely intelligent she is, by doing something no one to date in the comic has tried. She Stops Kore... yes, THAT Kore, in his tracks, by talking to him, and pointing out the fallacies of his existence as a Paladin. Badass Bookworm at its finest.



  • Kin is being crushed by magically growing trees, whose presence is making her re-live all of the pain she endured at the hands of Dellyn, basically crushing her mentally and physically. So what happens? Minmax SHOULDER TACKLES the tree/mental image right the Hell off of her. Rock on Minmax.
  • Barbarian... Minmax (Also doubles as a crowning moment of heartwarming, considering what he says later).
  • Minmax discovering there is more to life than XP, treasure and an unbeatable character build. Specifically, when he found out that Dellyn Goblinslayer, who was previously everything Minmax wanted to be, raped and beat Kin the Yuan-Ti every night, he threw Dellyn out a window.
    • The best part of it being that this is the first of Minmax's actions that make him somewhat likeable, even if it's only just because he punched out a rapist psychopath.
  • Not to mention that when Dellyn breaks the sword, Minmax just grabs him, headbutts him, and then slams him in the face. Which is immediately followed by Forgath using a seemingly useless joke item to set the aforementioned enemy on fire. Did I mention that Dellyn is partially made of wood?
  • As a combo with Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, the fact that Minmax is putting aside his racism of monsters to make Kin the Yuan-Ti as normal as possible, and going to extreme lengths to give her a proper birthday party, complete with gift and mice is one hell of a Moment of Awesome.
  • Our Minmax, pinned to the wall with a metal collar, actually uses his head in a fight. The last thing his opponents see? "I AM GREAT". Yes, Minmax. Yes you are.
    • To make this perfectly clear how awesome this is, Minmax is pinned to the wall by a magic ring's power. He pulls off his belt buckle, tosses it into the magic hole-thingy, all while completely silent. The alt-Minmax even drops his ridiculously cool pipe as he tries to run away.
  • Another Awesome/Heartwarming overlapping moment; thanks to their Dungeon Bypass, the team have failed to get the key they need to open the final door. Down the hallway is the room they were supposed to go, but it looks like whoever leaps down to get the keys will be trapped with a lot of hostile alt-teams. It leads to this, followed by a series of fight scenes that are just... well, see for yourself.
  • Minmax knows 38 ways to kill someone using only his thumb. Here's # 23. Over seven years in the making, but hell if that isn't a Chekhov's Gun.
  • After Psion!Minmax gives a Wall of Text Evil Gloating, Minmax!Prime delivers perhaps the best Shut Up, Hannibal! of his career, then does something smart: he weaponizes a Pyrrhic Victory.
    Psion!Minmax: So you see, no matter what you do, I will win eventually.
    Minmax: No. You win now.
    • Made all the more powerful when you realize that the Psion's big plan was to negate all of existence, so he could escape the Zero Sum Game that he believes life to be. Now he is stuck in an immortal, indestructible body. Even if he could die, with everything he has done, he'd end up going to hell, and reentry of the dungeon is simply fatal, instead of existence eradicating, so he is literally at a point where he can no longer attain his goal. He's stuck in the zero sum game of life, and the eventual afterlife, for all of eternity.
  • A subtle moment: trapped in a cave with the GAP, having seen Forgath apparently slain by Kore, the tormented Fumbles nervously sitting beside him, what does Minmax do? He grabs Fumbles' fake mustache and fixes it up so it looks more realistic before giving it back to him.


  • This Kickstarter for an animated version of the comic. Thunt clearly has a lot of famous fans, given having the likes of Phil Lamarr (voicing Complains), Jim Cummings (voicing Thaco), Matthew Mercer (as Bigears), Steve Blum (as likely either Dellyn or Kore...) and many more. Just the fact of the cast that's been brought together so far is amazing, even moreso if it's actually pulled off.
    • add Tara Strong and Jennifer Hale to that list.
    • now moved to Indiegogo!
    • Dee Bradley Baker and Dan Castelleneta round out the cast... and...
      • Goblins: Animated is now funded!
  • On December 23rd, 2017, Goblins Author Tarol Hunt(Thunt)was wracked by a massive migraine that literally made his right eye go cross-eyed, knocked him off his feet, and hit him with the force of a two-ton anvil that lingered for weeks. He and his wife went to a neurologist to find out what was going on. Despite being told he might wait hours, he was in in ten minutes. Turned out he had a pretty nasty aneurysm. However, while dealing with this potentially fatal affliction, it was discovered that there was a second, nearly undetectable, and known to be a random and extremely efficient second issue going on in the same area. He underwent surgeries to get both problems taken care of and got through both without a hitch. As his friend put it, "(Thunt) was made of twenties". Clearly the creator channeled the power of Tempts Fate subconsciously.