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Awesome: Endless Frontier
Warning: Unmarked spoilers below.
  • When Haken orders his land battleship Zeit Krokodil to do a frickin' jump over to the Einst dimension.
  • At the end of the final fight, the Big Bad begins regenerating for another go when Haken leaps in and interrupts it with a well-placed Last Showdown. Doubles as a Shout-Out to Namco Capcom, as Reiji and Xiaomu perform a similar feat against that game's Big Bad.
  • The Zeit Krokodil tackles the Giant Marquis, an entire city built on top of a masoleum, mounted on tank treads — and it wins!
  • Haken absolutely refusing to suffer a Heroic BSOD, skipping the melodrama and going straight to the "World of Cardboard" Speech...then finding a way to turn it into a boob joke.
  • The sequel isn't localized yet, but it contains another awesome moment: shortly after Axel joins, Aschen gets Brainwashed with Pete's Code PTP and was about to activate Code ATA (Ashes To Ashes). This triggers bits of Axel's memory of a previous rescue for Aschen's "sister" Lamia Loveless and he manages to re-enact the scene...while still an amnesiac.
    Axel: Code-ATA, Code-DTD ... There has to be something.
    Alfimi: Axel, can't you do something ? I have the feeling you can do this.
    Anne: Alfimi, do you remember something ?
    Xiaomu: But we can't leave her and we can't get close either. this is a lose or lose situation.
    Axel: With Code-DTD, there is way.
    Suzuka: This is no time for jokes.
    Aschen: Code-ATA. Activation.
    Haken: Stop this, Aschen !
    • Axel then swich to his serious OG self ( His speech pattern changes in japanese. ), ask Alfimi for help, rushes to Aschen and uses his super move CODE KIRIN before she can react. He then reverts to his Ahoseru self. After that Haken says :"Axel, Alfimi. Let me at least thank you for what you did."

  • The whole final encounter with Pete Pain is one big CMOA for Axel.
    Pete: You won't be able to proceed any furter W07, and you too Haken W00 !
    Axel: Hey, Haken ... Can it be ?
    Everyone: WHAT ? Haken W00 ?? So he's not human ?
    Haken: Hold down your horses. I'm a test-tube Baby, that's what he's talking about.
    Axel: Haken is from the W-series ? W00 ?
    Alfimi: What is wrong Axel ?
    Axel: Just a little bit ...
    • Then after the battle Pete pulls a Heel-Face Turn and decide to pull a heroic sacrifice to destroy the big wall preventing everyone from proceeding.

    Axel: Are you really sure about this ? You're gonna die just being a puppet. If the person who made you knew this, this person would be so sad.
    Pete: Heh... If you really meet the person who created me, then please give her the following message : Thank you for creating me, for giving me life, Mistress Lemon.
    Axel: LE...MON ?

  • And at the end, when everyone returns in the original worlds.
    Axel: Press the switch doctor, we have a place to return to.
    Alfimi: Axel, did ... did your memory came back ?
    Axel: It seems so. Alfimi, Kouta. Sorry for the worrying. But before that I have a question to you, Haken. Your family name, Browning, where did you get it ? Your father's family name is Moses, right ?
    Haken: I got it from my mother, the person who made me : Lemon Browning.
    Axel: Lemon ... So that was it, heh.
    Haken: Althgouh Ashen did raise me.
    Axel: WHAT ? W-O7 ? An android of the W-series like you ?
    Ashen: Hey, I can still pretend to be 24, you know.
    Axel: Haken, you ... Do you want to know about where you come from and who you really are ?
    Haken: Not, probably not. I mean you probably know more about me than myself, even probably my real father. But I have my family here and my 2nd father.
    Axel: I wanted to hear your answer. Are we gonna meet again ?
    Haken: Like Reiji said, all the worlds are connected. We'll definitly meet again.
    • double as Heartwarming too of course.

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