Awesome / Endless Frontier

Warning: Unmarked spoilers below.
  • When Haken orders his land battleship Zeit Krokodil to do a frickin' jump over to the Einst dimension.
  • At the end of the final fight, the Big Bad begins regenerating for another go when Haken leaps in and interrupts it with a well-placed Last Showdown. Doubles as a Shout-Out to Namco × Capcom, as Reiji and Xiaomu perform a similar feat against that game's Big Bad.
  • The Zeit Krokodil tackles the Giant Marquis, an entire city built on top of a masoleum, mounted on tank treads — and it wins!
  • Haken absolutely refusing to suffer a Heroic BSOD, skipping the melodrama and going straight to the "World of Cardboard" Speech...then finding a way to turn it into a boob joke.
  • The sequel isn't localized yet, but it contains another awesome moment: shortly after Axel joins, Aschen gets Brainwashed with Pete's Code PTP and was about to activate Code ATA (Ashes To Ashes). This triggers bits of Axel's memory of a previous rescue for Aschen's "sister" Lamia Loveless and he manages to re-enact the scene...while still an amnesiac.
    Axel: Code-ATA, Code-DTD ... There has to be something.
    Alfimi: Axel, can't you do something? I have the feeling you can do this.
    Anne: Alfimi, do you remember something?
    Xiaomu: But we can't leave her and we can't get close either. this is a lose or lose situation.
    Axel: With Code-DTD, there is way.
    Suzuka: This is no time for jokes.
    Axel: Yes. "Dust to Dust" Limiter Removal with heat regulation. I should have priority over ATA.
    Haken: Priority, Axel, you don't mean ?
    Axel: Operating from the outside. If we want to remove her curse, that's the only way.
    Aledy: But even if Miss Aschen receive some sort of blunt attack, she will explode anyway.
    Axel: I can only rely on guts to get the timing right.
    Neige: Guts ? Really ?
    Aschen: Code-ATA. Activation.
    MOMO: No, you can't do that !
    Haken: Stop this, Aschen!
    Kaguya: Aschen-san !
    Kattse: Retreat Haken ! We can't die here !
    Aledy: So this is it.
    Axel: No, I'm going to do it.
    Haken: It's hopeless Axel. If you get close to Aschen, you will ...
    Axel: Trust me. This life you gave her ... I'm going to give her back ! Alfimi, give me a little hand here.
    Alfimi: Count on me.

  • The whole final encounter with Pete Pain is one big CMOA for Axel.
    Pete: You won't be able to proceed any furter W07, and you too Haken W00 !
    Axel: Hey, Haken ... Can it be ?
    Everyone: WHAT ? Haken W00 ?? So he's not human ?
    Haken: Hold down your horses. I'm a test-tube Baby, that's what he's talking about.
    Axel: Haken is from the W-series ? W00 ?
    Alfimi: What is wrong Axel ?
    Axel: Just a little bit ...
    • Then after the battle Pete pulls a Heel–Face Turn and decide to pull a heroic sacrifice to destroy the big wall preventing everyone from proceeding.

    Axel: Are you really sure about this ? You're gonna die just being a puppet. If yout creator you knew this, he or she would be so sad.
    Pete: Heh... If you do meet the person who created me someday, then please give her the following message : Thank you for creating me, for giving me life, Mistress Lemon.
    Axel: LE...MON ?

  • And at the end, when everyone returns in the original worlds.
    Axel: Press the switch doctor, we have a place to return to.
    Alfimi: Axel, did ... did your memory came back ?
    Axel: It seems so. Alfimi, Kouta. Sorry for the worrying. But before that I have a question to you, Haken. Your family name, Browning, where did you get it ? Your father's family name is Moses, right ?
    Haken: I got it from my mother, the person who made me : Lemon Browning.
    Axel: Lemon ... So that was it, heh.
    Haken: Althgouh Ashen did raise me.
    Axel: WHAT ? W-07 ? An android of the W-series like you ?
    Ashen: Hey, I can still pretend to be 24, you know.
    Axel: Haken, you ... Do you want to know about where you come from and who you really are ?
    Haken: Not, probably not. I mean you probably know more about me than myself, even probably my real father. But I have my family here and my 2nd father.
    Axel: I wanted to hear your answer. Are we gonna meet again ?
    Haken: Like Reiji said, all the worlds are connected. We'll definitly meet again.
    • double as Heartwarming too of course.