Funny / Endless Frontier

  • Lots, but special mention has to go to Vice-Chief Lee Ly calling bullshit on Haken's plan to run down the Giant Marquis with the Zeit Krokodil:
    Lee: "I find it hard to trust people who wear assless chaps, Sir."
  • Advice to the girls/otherwise flat-characters from Kaguya? "Remember, they say it helps to drink a lot of milk when you're a kid!". Couples as a Mythology Gag as another character in Namco Capcom (Morrigan to be exact) makes this comment.
  • Really, 50% of the dialog is composed of snarking, so this should be expected.
  • Right after the big reveal, ArcGain drops by with two Haken clones...
    Haken: Howdy, folks. What are you handsome guys doing here?
  • Haken, when opening a door and discovering four Kaguya clones inside:
    Haken: I thought the power supply for the elevator would be in here... But it looks like I'm the one getting turned on.
    Aschen: Oh, please.
    Xiaomu: Wow! It's a wall of boobs!
  • When the party runs into Anne Sirena:
    Suzuka: Wow. Take a look at her! I definitely need to step up my game and take her on for size.
    Xiaomu: Trust me, her "size" has to be, like, twenty times yours. As for me... oh, about eight times or so.
  • In Exceed, Alfimi has a weird feeling when she meets Xiaomu. Understandable.
    Alfimi: ...Didn't we meet somewhere ?
    Xiaomu: I don't know any loli like you.
  • Both of them has kinda the same when Kaguya introduce herself.
    Kaguya: I'm counting on you. Axel-san, Alfimi-chan. I'm Nanbu Kaguya.
    Axel: Sure thing, Nanbu Kaguya-chan...huh...hmm...Nanbu...? *thinking*
    Alfimi: What...?
    Kaguya: What's wrong?
    Axel : ....No, I just told myself that an invitation by such a babe couldn't be refused, so of course I come along.
  • Still in Exceed, Axel and Alfimi catch up with Kouta/Fighters Roar. Kouta is speechless about Axel's personality change and memory loss, as well as Alfimi's, and the strange Lamia lookalike. He can't believe this Silly Axel is the same Serious Axel he knew.
  • Every line to come out of anyone's mouth. Some favorites:
    "I will write something insulting on that billboard you call a torso."
    (Paraphrasing) "The heat won't bother me since we're doing this for world peace!" (About five minutes later) "World peace can suck it. I just want some air conditioning."

    (Upon first meeting Kaguya) "Mm! I didn't ask for one today, But I won't say no..."
    (Upon being called an amateur playboy) "'Amateur'? I prefer 'skilled hobbyist'."

    (Reading from a memo) "'Dumbass poser with black hat, black trenchcoat and fingerless gloves.'"
    "Well, looks like it's time to play cat-and-also-cat with that tank."

    while being confronted by 4 Einst Clones of Kaguya
    Xiaomu: "Wow! It's a wall of boobs!"

    Reiji: (talking about Xiaomu) "It's amazing what you can learn when you spend all day wasting time on the internet, isn't it?"
    KOS-MOS: "That's funny. In my time, the internet is for