Awesome: Bringer Of Death

  • Vegeta taking in his rage and grasping hold of the Super Saiyan power to effectively take the lead role and changing history.
  • Goku staying close to Super Saiyan Vegeta's Power using Kaioken x25. Enough to actually let Vegeta keep him alive to fight him proper in the future despite his (justified) indignation towards Goku.
  • King Cold beating down two Super Saiyans in his Fourth Form.
  • Android!Krillin beating the absolute crap out of Semi-Perfect Cell.

  • The fact that these Authors, despite their jobs and responsibilities, manage to pump out a lengthy, high quality and well-written chapter each week is nothing short of astounding. These guys deserve a medal.
  • This fanfic Achieving the rank of most-reviewed DBZ fanfiction in a about a year. (On at least.)
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