YMMV / Bringer Of Death

  • Creator's Pet: Vegeta very quickly grew into one of these, being the one to defeat every major villain and win in almost every battle he appeared in. Word of God has only helped to cement this status.
    npberryhill: I really don't know what you're talking about. And honestly, I can't imagine where I could even add in more teamwork to those "recent chapters". Not to be rude, but what you call Vegeta "glorification" I call Vegeta "realism" because he is awesome like that.
  • Heartwarming Moment: Vegeta telling Trunks that he's proud of him in Chapter 78. Also doubles as a tear-jerker, since Vegeta's willing to die to stop Cell.
  • Schedule Slip: During its heyday, Bringer of Death averaged a weekly chapter. When Davidstarlingm (one of the co-authors) had to withdraw from it due to life circumstances, the rate dropped to a new chapter every 1-2 months. The last span between updates reached 7 months, before receiving a new chapter in December 2016.