Funny: Bringer Of Death

  • Vegeta's midnight snack at Bulma's house, with Bulma catching him with a piece of frozen salmon (and trying to talk through that), three raw potatoes in his left hand, a gallon of milk and a pitcher of Sunny Delight in his right, and naked, and laughing at him. Then he drank all the milk in one sitting... And, instead of puking everything out, he burped. And apologized for it.
  • The end of chapter 26:
    Despite his curiosity and frustration with Kakarott, he turned his attention back to the newcomer. Vegeta quickly grabbed the front of the boy's jacket. "Who are you, anyway?! Where did you come from? I demand that you answer me immediately!"
    Trunks relaxed, dropping out of his Super Saiyan state. "Sure"
    The look on Vegeta's face was priceless.
  • After 18 was saved by Krillin, 17 teased her about liking him, she denied... Then 16 intervened:
    "My scanners indicated an increased heart rate and a rush of blood to your face. There is a 98.6% probability that 17 spoke accurately."
  • Tien's reaction at Piccolo deciding to fuse with Kami: annoyance at the Namekian doing that to become stronger just as he finally reached his level.
  • C47's suggestions for renaming the worlds of the World Trade Organization as "Planet Meatbag", "Planet Liquidious Fleshbag", "Planet Slushy Sack", and similar.
  • Drunken fratboys commenting that Mr. Satan's fight was 'fake' and then picking a fight with 17 for ordering a beer at a club and hitting on 18. They got away easy: 17 dared them to a Drinking Contest, literally drank more than all of them put together, and made them pay for his booze.
  • The trip to shop clothing for 18. Then they take on dinosaurs... And 17 ruins them.
  • C47 being upgraded. All of it.
  • Cell introduces himself to an alien species on his way through a distant galaxy:
    "Greetings," he began with an affected charm. "My name is Cell, and from a galaxy far, far away."