Awesome / Bokurano

Moment of Awesome
  • In the anime, Ushiro fights for an entire day in Zearth to die smiling for saving the earth and his sister more specifically.
  • In the anime, Kirie being the only pilot to pilot Zearth twice, proving during his second fight that he's easily the best pilot in the entire series, and then unmasking Machi as the uncontracted pilot. That last one doubles as a Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • Also in the Anime. Machi, how does she redeem herself? By helping Ushiro save Kana from the contract, killing Koyemshi and then forcing her way into the contract, fully replacing Kana.
  • In the manga, Anko gets at least three during her turn to pilot. First she saves Machi's from certain death when a corrosive substance starts leaking into the cockpit, but she gets get legs burned off because of it. Even then, she manages to continue fighting bravely and finally beats her opponent while using its own weapon against it! Finally, with her last strengths she delivers an incredible Rousing Speech to make people understand that Zearth and the pilots are not the enemy.
  • While piloting Zearth, Waku, despite being wrapped in the grip of the enemy robot, puts his soccer playing experience to good use by delivering a powerful knee to the robot's weak spot until the robot falls over, then stomping it until it's defeated.
  • Also, in the manga Komo is the only pilot who wins without piloting Zearth, using her last piano recital as her Thanatos Gambit. As soon as the other pilot shows up, her father Admiral Komoda manages to shoot him dead; Komo herself dies peacefully while mentally giving us a gorgeous "World of Cardboard" Speech.
    • She's also pretty awesome in the anime, as Komoda has been murdered few hours before... and she goes out to fight anyway, refusing to give into despair and savingus despite how shitty her deal is.
  • In the anime, Moji, when faced with a robot that has two seemingly identical halves, manages to find out which one has the cockpit, destroying it in a risky but successful gambit. In the process, he also deduces that humans are piloting the robots.
  • Mako punching Oda in the face after taking her abuse for so long without so much as raising a clenched fist.

Crowning Music of Awesome