Fanfic Recs / Bokurano

General Fics

Those Left Behind by Lucathia Rytaku
  • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: A collection of 31 short stories about Bokurano, mainly about those who deal with the pilots' deaths. Some stories are based off the anime, while others are based off the manga.
    • Comments: An excellent and touching look at the emotional impact the pilots' deaths have on those closest to them, and what happens after they're gone.


Dairantou Saint Zearth, by The One named Light
  • Recommended by: T Hi NCRUST Infinity
  • Status: Dormant
  • Crossover with Heirlooms and TV Tropes
  • Synopsis: There are fifteen titanic toys of mass destruction headed for earth waiting for fifteen souls to fight each one off, each destined to die a moment after. That is how the multi-dimensional diversity system usually worked. But what would happen in the occasion that more pilots contracted than there were foes to defeat?
  • Comments: Already there is an effort to keep original fifteen pilots alive and well shown here and already, there is proof that this author has gone to the Vince McMahon school of Spared by the Adaptation in which he makes the characters spared suffer sever emotional pain... This troper's looking at you, Waku-kun.