Fridge: Bokurano

  • Dung beetle looks like what would happen if someone skinned Kyubey and turned him into a purse. This Troper did realize this while looking in his fridge.
  • Dung Beetle tells Jun at one point that one of the other prospective pilots from his own Earth attacked Kokopelli with a knife and gave him a scar. Kokopelli gave the other pilot a scar in return. At the very end, when we finally see Dung Beetle's real body, he has a large scar on his face...
  • Ushiro's blood type is A, and Kana's is type O. If you know anything about blood type inheritance, you know that this is not possible if they're really blood siblings.
    • and they aren't.
    • It is possible if the parents have both an A-blood allele and an O-blood allele.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Now, you might think that Hatagai gets away scot-free, right? Wrong. Remember how whenever someone wins a robot fight, some universe blows up? Yeah, so instead of one Hatagai getting what he deserves, we have multiple Hatagais paying for their crimes.
    • Except that according to Dungbeetle, there are no alternate versions of people on each other dimension, there are no other Hatagais.
    • Fridge Horror: But what of the worlds that have Hatagai being a good guy? He's paying for crimes he never even committed.
      • Furthermore, based on some subtle evidence it becomes quite clear that this is not our Earth, making the title something like an inverted form of Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
    • More Fridge Horror: There's no way the earth is the only inhabited planet in all those alternate universes. If that's true, than the death total probably several trillion more than it is now. And not only that- Imagine you live on one of those planets. You have no idea what's going on, and no way to realize that pretty soon, someone's gonna fuck up, and your world will be destroyed along with theirs.
    • It should also be pointed out that in the manga, after Ushiro and Koyemshi happen to see their world's version of the dead Youko, they have a discussion. Koyemshi says that seeing her in another world was a complete anomaly, and they shouldn't expect it for anyone else. There might not be another Hatagai out there, much less one who is a rapist and blackmailer.
  • In Kodama's fight, the characters notice that, in stark contrast to Kodama, the enemy robot was trying not to damage the city. This is most likely because the enemy didn't know that this was an "away game" for them, like the main characters during Nakama's battle, and wondered if Kodama's reckless destruction was proof that he wasn't in his home universe.
  • As if Chizu getting pregnant with Hatagai's son (as a result of rape in the manga) and the child dying along with her was not bad enough, there's also the implication that her child, as a contracted pilot, could have been chosen to fight despite lacking the ability, thus resulting in Zearth's defeat and the world's destruction
    • Not really. If you remember the fact that each pilot is actually chosen by Dung Beetle rather than chosen randomly, that scenario could have only happened if he wanted it to. I wouldn't put it past him, though...
      • This maybe happens in the anime but, as far as I understand, in the manga the pilot is chosen randomly. They simply got lucky.
  • Remember the idea about the robot being stronger with younger pilots? Seeing that only Kirie’s opponent is also a child, and that fight wasn’t shown, and Zearth can outmuscle other humanoid mecha most of the time (most notably with Kana’s fight), it must be true.
    • out of 15 enemies the only 4 that we ever see are Maki's, Kirie's, Komoda's (which only lost because the pilot chose to let himself get killed), and Jun's opponents. Any or all of the other 11 could have still been kids.
  • The ending to the anime. It's bittersweet, but at least Ushiro destroyed Zearth and denied the masterminds a pawn for future games, right? But... the Masterminds aren't a mindless, non-sentient force in the anime. They will see that something went wrong. They can retaliate. Nothing stops them from just destroying Ushiro's universe out of spite.