Funny / Bokurano

  • Despite seeming like a jerk at times, a lot of Dung Beetle/Koyemshi's snarky comments can be these at times.
    Koyemshi: What? I'm nobody's underling, you hear me! I thought I'd watch over you out of the kindness of my heart, so you'd better be thankful!"
  • When the group gets teleported into the robot in the middle of certain activities. Maki ends up accidentally getting her father's vintage NES controller's cord severed in the transfer, while in the manga, it's strongly implied that Anko was having A Date with Rosie Palms.
  • Before Mako's fight, she ends up forcibly evacuating one of the girls who bullied her, by ripping the roof off a building she's in while she's having sex with a guy. They're then teleported to Zearth's cockpit, and then to the girl's mother's car...while still naked.
  • Koyemshi getting into an argument with another Earth's Koyemshi, after the pilot who's Komo's opponent flees his robot mid-battle, something that Alt-Koyemshi allowed to happen, much to Koyemshi-Prime's chagrin. The look on Tanaka and Anko's faces is priceless.
    Koyemshi: Hey punk, what the hell is goin' on here?
    Alt-Koyemshi: I'm sorry. We've had a bit of an unforeseen accident on our end. I'm sorry for the trouble it's going to cause you. I truly apologize.
    Koyemshi: What, are you guys even trying over there? Huh?
    Alt-Koyemshi: Good point, but you people were losing, remember?
    Anko and Tanaka: (thinking): Is he as snotty as the other?
  • This troper found Kako's attempts to woo Chizu in the anime pretty funny. The look on his face when she rejects him is priceless. Although the scene veers sharply into Nightmare Fuel territory when she starts talking about how it feels to shag her teacher.