Awesome / Barbie

  • The theme song from Barbie as Rapunzel.
  • After 57 years, the line is finally releasing more diverse body shapes for the dolls. While the Barbie line isn't perfect, it did try to keep up with society moving forward.
  • The official barbie Vlog Feeling Blue? Youíre not alone. has been praised for how it talks about depression in a way its target audience can understand, but mostly reinforcing that You Are Not Alone.
    Sometimes I still feel blue. And then I feel guilty about feeling sad because I am supposed to be the upbeat positive one all the time. I mean, I am known as being an upbeat personÖ But Iím not always.
    And I started to think, maybe Iím just being really unfair on myself. You know? I donít always have to be upbeat and positive. And to expect that of myself, it isnít fair. To camouflage myself to fit into a mold of what I think I should act or feel or think, well that doesnít help anyone. And it just gets you lost.