Awesome / Barbie in the Nutcracker

  • Any of the dance sequences.
  • The Mouse King can turn his staff into an axe, a sword, and a crossbow.
  • Clara saving her friends, who are trapped behind an invisible, soundproof wall, by realizing that guards were posted at an empty room.
  • The Mouse King grows gigantic to deal with the Nutcracker in the finale.
  • Clara calling out the Mouse King for hiding behind his magic and standing up to his giant form.
  • The shrunken Mouse King riding Pim to snatch Clara's necklace and break it, sending her home before the prince's eyes.
  • One of the Gingerbread kids throws a snowball at the Mouse King and Pim, sending them falling to the ground.
  • Clara nearly gets caught by the Mouse King's guards, but manages to think quickly and talk her way out of it.
    Clara: Oh—! There you are! The King needs you right away in the courtyard. And he said if you didn't hurry, you'd spend the rest of your lives as houseflies. (Beat.) Or was it horseflies?
  • One for Clara early on, when dealing with the Mouse King. "Hey! Up here!" Cue shoe to the head, and an instant K.O.