Awesome / Barbie in the Twelve Dancing Princesses

  • Genevieve figuring out how to enter the magical world in their mother's book- all because Lacey slipped and dropped her book, and it landed next to the tile with her flower on it.
  • When Derek arrives back at the palace to tell Genevieve about the silver goblet and hears that the princesses are missing, Desmond locks him out. So Derek decides to wait until nightfall and scale the walls of the palace to find out what happened.
    Felix: [sees Derek looking at the princess' tower] Tell me you're going to leave.
    Derek: [smirks] Eventually.
    Next scene shows him climbing over the balcony under cover of darkness
    • When he reaches the princess' room and sees that they are actually missing, he performs a Sherlock Scan and notices his shoe polish on the flower stones. Derek then figures out how to enter the magical world based on where the polish is thickest, and the dance that he watched Genevieve perform in the garden earlier. Not bad.
      Derek: [dancing from stone to stone] Two... three... four... five...
  • The girls taking back their castle, using the unique skills and abilities we saw in their introductions to get past the guards. Not to mention Genevieve and Derek's battle with the animated armor.
  • Genevieve using her fan to blow the magic pollen onto Rowena.
  • "Shine."