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Awesome: Barbie as Rapunzel
  • The theme song.
  • Gothel turning the manor into a tower, erasing the door.
    Rapunzel: Why are you doing this? You can't keep me locked away from the world forever.
    Gothel: Watch me.
  • Rapunzel and company tricking Gothel into the painting, trapping her in the tower forever.
    • And using Gothel's own words to do so. Because the tower never releases its prisoner with a "lying heart"—which applies to Gothel herself, not Rapunzel.
  • Penelope finally standing up to her father, Hugo, and winning his approval—by flat-out ignoring his refusal to hear another word from her and saying, "I'm going to tell you anyway", after which Penelope explains that Rapunzel actually gave up a chance at her own freedom to prevent Gothel from destroying Hugo. And Rapunzel did this because Penelope asked her to.
  • Tommy firing an arrow at Gothel, saving Stefan. Then the princesses pelt her with food.

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