Awesome / Balto


  • Jenna's response to Steele crashing her date with Balto. That is to say, charming him into walking butt-first into a furnace.
    Jenna: These days I prefer my meat....cooked.
  • Boris telling Balto the thing that inspires him to to press on when things look hopeless.
  • The moment Balto accepts his wolf heritage and lets out a mighty howl, joined by a magnificent white wolf. He then proceeds to climb up the side of the cliff, dragging the medicine crate up with him.
    • The white wolf, if the sequels are to be believed, is his mother.
  • Balto taking over as lead dog definitely counts. He walks up the line of dogs to find Star holding the harness, smiling the biggest smile you've ever seen. When Balto hesitates, Star holds it up a little higher, and Balto finally slips it on — then looks at it with pure astonishment. The music just clinches it.
  • The scene where Steele returns to Nome after trying to kill Balto. He's lazing in front of the furnace, boasting to everyone about how he's the noble, victimized Determinator who fought to stop Balto from destroying the medicine. And Jenna is just sitting there, watching. Once Steele has finished talking, she stands up and whispers- with absolute conviction- "You're lying." Then she tells the other dogs that Balto is alive, and that he will return with the medicine, before walking out.
  • Jenna saving Balto from the leaping into the air, biting onto its paw and kicking it in the face. Then, after being thrown off, immediately gets back up and bites it again. The fact she was able to track Balto and his friends down so quickly counts too.
  • Luk and Muk saving Balto from drowning, despite being scared of water.
  • Dixie slapping Steele once he's been revealed as the lying dirtbag he really is, especially after spending most of the movie as his biggest fangirl.
    "Steele, you are positively DISPOSABLE!"
  • Aleu chasing the caribou.
    "Tell Mom...I've finally found my home."
  • Balto's determination throughout Wings of Change is also noteworthy, given how he was leading the team to ensure they wouldn't lose their mail run jobs to the pilot, but also putting that same determination into finding and rescuing said pilot after he crashes. (In particular, the scene where Balto carries the injured pilot on a sled made from a piece of metal off the wrecked plane comes to mind.)
  • The race itself has a few moments of this, most notably in how the sled dog team manages to keep up with the plane despite their respective problems.
  • Kodi and his fellow sled dogs initially don't care what happens to the pilot because his disappearance and/or death would mean they get to keep their jobs. But after some time and getting called out by his mother, Kodi comes to realize his father was right and sets out to help him rescue the pilot. However, Kodi doesn't go alone, as his fellow sled dogs also have a change of heart and come with him, putting their skills to good use to save the day.
    • His What the Hell, Hero? speech to his fellow sled dogs, especially considering how devoted Kodi is to his job.
    Kodi: All I ever wanted to do was be a part of your team. Bringing the mail and supplies is all about helping everyone. And now when somebody really needs our help, we're sitting on our butts! If this is what it means to be a mail dog...I'm not sure this is what I want to be. {He walks out, determined to help his father.}