Awesome / Barbie Fairytopia

Barbie Fairytopia

  • Azura giving Elina her necklace, so when she was captured Laverna had to search for it.
    • In a sense, Azura was actually aware that she's going to get captured by Laverna and she gave Elina her necklace as her only strategy to at least divert Laverna's plans.
  • Hugh avoiding the firebirds, causing one to crash into a wall and explode.
  • Elina talking to Dahlia and convincing her to help Fairytopia because it's what Azura would want.
  • Azura taunting Laverna even while captive.
  • Laverna brainwashing Elina and granting her beautiful, evil wings.
  • Elina rejecting Laverna's offer of wings, throwing the necklace at the union point, shattering it, and receiving actual wings upon her defeat.
    Elina: I don't need your wings, Laverna!

Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia

  • Nalu, despite being a prisoner, tricks the Fungi several times.
  • Elina and Nori helping each other in the Depths of Despair, and refusing selfish wishes in their quest to find Nalu.
  • Nori telling Nalu how she feels about him.
  • Everyone tricking Fungus into giving Laverna the wrong berry, causing her to turn into a toad.

Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

  • Elina acing her magic classes, despite the apprentices' teasing.
  • Laverna tricking Elina and turning back into her fairy form.
  • Max using toad venom to poison the Guardians.
  • Elina rescuing Sunburst from the bog.
  • Elina's final defeat of Laverna with help from the other apprentices.
  • Everyone working together to open the First Blush of Spring after Laverna almost killed it.