Awesome / A Bug's Life
"No! Bad grasshopper! Bad grasshopper! Go home!"note 
  • Flik's "Ants aren't meant to serve grasshoppers" speech. And everyone else realizing he's right.
    • Especially great is the realization on Flik's face as he realizes that Hopper's afraid of them: "We're a lot stronger than you say we are.... and you know it, don't you?"
    • Bit of a Genius Bonus as well: in reality, ants eat grasshoppers!
  • The first time Atta had to speak to Hopper, she was trembling and stuttering and could barely even look at him. When the fake bird crashes and burns, however, and the Blueberries come stumbling out coughing and choking and helpless, she plants herself in front of them and looks Hopper square in the eye. She's not afraid of him anymore. That's when she became a queen.
    • The best part is that her voice wavers as she says it. She's terrified. Who wouldn't be? But those are her kids, her sister's best friends who were risking their lives to save the colony. Nobody is messing with those girls without going through her first.
  • Princess Atta finally standing up to Hopper:
  • As horrible as Hopper is, his rather impressive demonstration on the necessity of keeping the ants in line is pretty awesome.
    • His speech shows he's not all muscle - he's really very smart, too.
      • And the way he keeps a straight (and yet strangely bored) face during the crushing of three other grasshoppers is pure evil awesome.
  • Early one, when Hopper was about to have Thumper hurt Dot, Flik stands up for her!
    Flik: Leave her alone!
    • Although Flik does back down when Hopper coldly encourages he stand up to him again, it's still impressive. It's a Foreshadowing that the ants have the potential to stand up to the grasshoppers.
    • If it's any indication of how significant that small act of bravery was, Hopper's "You let one ant stand up, then they all stand up" speech serves to further glorify it.
    • He does the same when Thumper threatens Dot and Atta again and this time refuses to back down, even as Thumper beats him stupid, leading to his World Of Cardboard speech mentioned above.
  • The moment the fake bird's finally hoisted up and put in place, Tuck and Roll pop out of its beak announcing, "YOU'RE FIRED!" to everyone below. Doubles as a Funny Moment AND a Brick Joke!
  • Gypsy stepping in to help Manny when he starts stammering under the grasshoppers' interrogation.
    • Gypsy and Manny's relationship, period, is a combination of this and CMOH.
  • When the circus arrives at the anthill. The timing to the music is absolutely perfect, showing the feet of the troupe landing on the ground impressively.
  • Each of the circus bugs during the bird fight scene either get their own Crowning Moment of Awesome or a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • Slim, Heimlich and a few ants use squashed berries to pretend to have been mauled by the bird to give Hopper the fright of his life, this is especially awesome for Slim, who gets to show his acting chops for once.
  • Flik, Dot, the blueberries and two boy ants sneaking up into the tree and releasing the bird. It's worth mentioning that this bird was designed to be controlled by adult ants. And yet, who ends flying it? A group of children!
  • Even though he really screws things up, P. T. Flea's improvising a flamethrower to use on the fake bird would have been absolutely awesome if it had been a real threat.
    • Under the false impression that one of his performers has died at the hands of the bird, P. T. Flea is basically avenging him.
  • This:
    Thumper: Snarling
    Dot: (smacks Thumper) No! Bad grasshopper! Bad grasshopper! Go home!
    Thumper: (Keeps snarling)
    Dim: (Jumps down behind Dot and roars fiercely)
    Thumper: (flies away yelping)
  • After her near-death experience with Thumper when she goes to look for Flik, Dot is finally able to — say it with us — FLY!
  • Francis catching Dot mid-fall. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Likewise, the circus bugs' entire rescue of Francis and Dot from the bird.
    • Dot pulling Francis out of the bird's way after he's knocked out cold.
  • Flik using the goldfinch to trick Hopper at the end of the movie.
    Hopper: Well, what's this? Another one of your little bird tricks?
    Flik: Yep!
    Hopper: Are there a bunch of little girls in this one, too? Hello, girls!
    Bird: *ROAR*