Trivia / A Bug's Life

  • Accidentally Correct Zoology:
    • Dim was supposed to be a fictional variety of generic rhinoceros beetle, not based on any species known to exist at the time. Eighteen years after the film's release, however, a new variety of rhinoceros beetle was discovered with a horn identical to Dim's; because of this, similar phenomena were categorized as "the Dim Effect."
    • The behavior of the grasshoppers—move to an area, eat everything, move on—is more in line with locusts than grasshoppers. However, it's since been discovered that some species of grasshoppers can morph into locusts under the right conditions, so the movie got it half-right.
  • Actor Allusion: As he pretends to be dying from the fake bird attack, Manny (Jonathan Harris) cries out "Oh, the pain!"
  • Celebrity Voice Actor:
  • Dueling Movies: With DreamWorks' Antz. The plots are nothing alike, but how many movies do you know that are set in an ant colony?note 
  • Executive Meddling: For the confrontation in the bar, Pixar's animators had planned out a large, anime-esque sequence, not unlike the one later seen in the movie Horton Hears a Who!. Disney suits didn't understand the scene as it was laid out to them, and the gag was reduced to Francis saying, "Shoo, fly, don't bother me."
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: By the late 1990s, CG had moved on a bit from everything looking like hard shiny plastic—but not so much that the animators were confident doing soft or fluffy characters, so they made a movie full of bugs with hard shiny exoskeletons.