Heartwarming: A Bug's Life

  • Dot: "Pretend it's a seed, okay?" - the hug that follows between Flik and Dot is so incredibly adorable and warm.
  • "Well, Flik, you really goofed up... thanks." Followed by the circus bugs and the entire colony applauding. Flik is understandably teary-eyed.
  • In all the colony, out of all the countless ants, it's not the elders or the Council or even the Queen who speaks up when a child is being threatened. It's Flik, the outcast.
    "Leave her alone, Hopper!"
  • Flik and the circus bugs rescuing Dot from the goldfinch. Followed by:
    Rosie: W-What is that?
    Manny: That my friends, is the sound of applause!
  • Gypsy's tendency to gently rub Manny's hand when he's feeling down. The quiet love between them is tangible whenever they're onscreen together and it's not a CMOF.
  • The two young ants who want the circus bugs' autographs.
    "When I grow up, I want to be a praying mantis!"
    "I want to be a stick bug!"
    "Oh, they're all so cool—I can't decide!"
  • While it doubles as a CMOF, Rosie's horror when she realizes she actually hurt Dim and the fact that she immediately rushes to comfort him regardless of P.T's anger.
  • The scene in the circus van, with Flik's friends reminding him of the good he's done.
  • When the bird crashes, Atta clearly willing to die rather than let Hopper hurt the girls.
    • And before that (though it crosses with a Tearjerker), her desperate "Dot! Dot! Has anyone seen Dot?" Especially heartwarming given their rocky relationship up to that point.
  • "Sorry. My place is here."
    • "Good answer."