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Nightmare Fuel / A Bug's Life

  • Dear God; Thumper. For some added Fridge Horror, consider the fact that he belongs to the same species as the anthropomorphized, English-speaking grasshoppers. Does he represent a vicious attack dog...or an extremely mentally deranged and violent person? He is more or less the grasshopper version of Danny the Dog. In the outtakes, he asks if his scream was good enough. In the wimpiest, most non-threatening voice you can imagine. Evidently a case of Mean Character, Nice Actor.
  • The movie does a pretty good job of making a cute little goldfinch and its chicks absolutely terrifying. See Family-Unfriendly Death.
    • The sound the bird makes; they did a convincing job of depicting what birdsong must sound like from a bug's perspective, because the noises she makes would be right at home in Jurassic Park.
  • Hopper in his first appearance, and some appearances afterwards. Especially the scene where he kills a few of his henchmen with a bored look on his face.
  • Flik's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown at the hands of Thumper all while some suspenseful music plays.
  • Hopper when he's attempting to strangle Flik: "I'll get more grasshoppers and be back next season. But you won't!!!"
  • Hopper menacingly approaching Flik, fire burning in the background, with the greatest murder-face on a family movie villain.
  • The theme park attraction based on the movie at the Disney Theme Parks, It's Tough To Be A Bug.
  • Grasshoppers trudging out of the mist with no music, only the howling wind.
  • This movie manages to make a rainstorm pretty terrifying. After all, normal raindrops hit the ground like watery napalm.
  • The entire sequence at the end of the movie, beginning with the rain. What is a normal and perfectly harmless occurrence for we humans is amplified into a nightmarish and regular disaster for all bug kind. Amidst the chaos, Hopper still manages to spot Flik, snatch him, and fly off. Flik's friends from the circus try to come to the rescue, but their rescue attempts are all foiled. (Admittedly, the incident where Hopper lost one of his antennae is pretty funny.) Not even Princess Atta can keep Hopper away for too long, and his final death, albeit very karmic, in and of itself was very unsettling.
  • "They come. They eat. They leave." This line could be a tagline for a horror film.