Funny: A Bug's Life

  • Slim's Butt Monkey status as a prop. This is partly funny because his voice actor, David Hyde Pierce, plays an important role in the popular sitcom Frasier, and Slim has quite a lot of lines in the movie, but in character he always gets lousy parts.
    P.T. Flea: "You're a walking stick. IT'S FUNNY! NOW GO!"
    Slim: "You parasite."
  • Francis provides a lot of funny with his short temper.
    Slim: (holding Francis to one side, admonishing some flies) "That's no way to speak to a lady."
    Francis: "I heard that, you twig!"
    • Francis is hilarious on a meta level, considering that he's a ladybug that is constantly mistaken to be a lady. And voiced by [[Denis Leary.]]
  • When Flik bursts in on the 'hospital' scene with the entire circus troupe there. It's the contrast between how Flik's so excited with his Eureka Moment, while Francis is (almost casually) making a statement that makes this so funny.
    Flik: "Hopper's afraid of birds!"
    Francis: "And I don't blame him!"
    • Just before that, Flik just sprints after Atta inadvertently gives him the bird idea.
  • "Pretend that that's a seed." "...but it's a rock." "I KNOW IT'S A ROCK! YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW A ROCK WHEN I SEE A ROCK?! I SPEND A LOTTA TIME AROUND ROCKS!"
  • Hopper telling Molt, "I swear... if I hadn't promised Mother on her deathbed that I wouldn't kill you... I would kill you!"
    • "Oh, you shoulda seen it! This bluejay — he has him halfway down his throat, okay? And Hopper — Hopper's kickin' and screamin', okay?..."
    • Immediately after Hopper's "I would kill you" line....
    Molt: And believe me, nobody appreciates that more than I do!
    Hopper: SHUT UP! I don't want to hear another word from you on this island. Do you understand me?
    Molt: <whimphers>
    Hopper: (gets angry and shakes Molt) I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!
    Molt: Well how can I answer?! You said I couldn't say another word!
    Hopper: (gets even angrier rears back his fist to punch him)
    Molt: (cowers) AH! REMEMBER MA!
    (Hopper punches out another random member of his own gang instead)
  • Flik telling the circus bugs to squish him and get it over with.
    "Burn 'im again!"
  • Flik triumphantly soaring into the distance—and then slamming into a rock.
    "I'm okay!"
  • The reaction of the Circus Bugs when they realize they're supposed to fight the grasshoppers and go out in a Heroic Sacrifice.
    "We drew one of you dying because our teacher said it would be more dramatic!"
  • When Heimlich turns into a butterfly: "I'm finished! Finally, I'm a beautiful butterfly!" Then he emerges and looks exactly the same...just with a slightly different color, and itty-bitty wings.
    • "And from way up here, you all look like little ants!"
  • The Hilarious Outtakes. All of them.
    • Hopper completely failing to get Atta and Molt to take him seriously, resulting in every take being ruined by fits of laughter.
    "This is the fifteenth take. I cannot work like this. I will be in my trailer."
    • Dot forgetting the line "It's a rock."
    • "Spinning a web of safety IN LESS THAN FIFTY-" *bumps into camera and is knocked out*
    • The skyward shot of Dim carrying Heimlich down ending with Heimlich's face squashed against the camera.
    • The animatronic bird breaking down in mid-shoot.
    Heimlich: Does this mean we can break for lunch?
    Thumper: [in the wimpiest, most benign voice possible] I'm sorry, I'm sorry, can we cut? It's just that I don't feel like I'm coming across.
    • Tuck and Roll trying to jump on each other. Second take, Roll misses Tuck entirely and falls on his head. Third take, Roll jumps so high that he gets stuck on the ceiling and never comes down.
  • "I'm...the only...stick...with....eyeballs!"
  • Tuck and Roll are always funny, but plucking one of Hopper's antennae is especially funny.
  • When Flik first enters the bar, a fly can be heard yelling "Hey waiter, I'm in my soup!"
  • "Must be an Ant thing." ... "Must be a circus thing."
  • "P.T., look! MONEY!"
  • Dot taunting Thumper, prompting him to roar at her, and then Dim shows up, roars and scares him off.
  • By way of Crossing the Line Twice, Hopper's death scene, Gory Discretion Shot and all. Those chicks just look so cute!
  • Manny and Gypsy's introduction.
    Manny: *long-suffering sigh* Yet again, it is up to me to rescue the performance. Gypsy! Come. *strides dramatically offscreen*
    Gypsy: *mildly, without looking around* The stage is the other way, dear.
    • And then he forgets to let her out of the "Chinese Cabinet of Metamorphosis".
    Gypsy: *muffled, from inside a Chinese takeout box* ...Manny? Manny...!
    • Manny overdramatically "dying" during the bird scene, and Gypsy wailing in equally hammy grief.
  • Rosie... pretty much all the time.
  • "Oh, this was SUCH a bad idea!"
  • The drunk mosquito bit. Especially with Retroactive Recognition; Rodger Bumpass would later use the very same voice only a year later.
    Mosquito: Bartender! Bloody Mary! O-Positive! (Gets "Bloody Mary" splashed in front of him.) A-ha! (Drinks himself bloated).
  • "My children's children will walk down the street and people will point and say 'Look, there goes the spawn of Flik, the loser!'."
  • This exchange between Flik and Hopper when the bird appears and Hopper believes it to be another trick:
    "Well, what's this? Another one of your bird tricks?"
    "Are there a bunch of little girls in this one too? Hello, girl!"
  • This:
    Slim:: We were invited by Princess Atta as a surprise for your arrival.
    Hopper:: "Squish 'em.