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Table of Contents
Chuck Austen Meets Chick Tracts: The Fanfic--Rika Liveblogs The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods
by arcadiarika
Part 1: The Genesis of the Shitty Fanfic5
Part 2: Killing, Plotting, and More Hypocritical Passages6
Part 3: Preparation of the Battle Without Logic or Humanity6
Part 4: Fun With More Padding--OH SNAP!3
Part 5: The Most Anticlimatic Battle Ever3
Part 6: The Same Author Tracts But More3
Part 7: Fateful Decisions and the Point of No Return1
Part 8: The Beginning of the Anticlimatic Final Battle3
Part 9: Countdown to Destruction3
Finale: The Exodus of the Shitty Fanfic3
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