Proof I'm a Glee fangirl- Blogging "Dalton"



Okay, so I'm having fun right now on spring break. And I'm blogging Dalton. One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others. Okay, that's a little harsh. I am taking kind of a Nostalgia Chick stance on this fic, I've noticed. I'm not going to stop though.

Chapter 3: Voices

Kurt is very sad that he is moving to Dalton. No more Finn. Sadface. Finn makes an ass out of himself, which isn't that hard for him to do. CP Coulter gives us a more-detailed-than-necessary description of Kurt's parents' hugs. Burt is probably worried that one of these boys is going to make a move on Kurt, as he texts Kurt to make sure none of them "do anything funny". Blaine smiles at this, because he is a proper English Gentleman. Blaine has no intention of making a move at all, even though they are at the PERFECT time to start a relationship. Kurt gets all of the stuff in his closet, but he's sad because he can only wear his clothes on the weekend.

Kurt is justifiably exhausted after the long day. He goes to sleep, only to wake up to find out that he was being kidnapped by the merry band of Windsors. What the Hell, Windsors? Ohio has laws against this stuff. NOT COOL GUYS. Well, it's a party, so it could be much worse. Kurt contemplates whether or not he should be more than friends with Blaine. I SAY DO IT. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. Kurt can't hear me [[hottip: I probably should have realized that.]] Then Kurt meets Reed. He's wearing designer clothes, and I can tell from the get go that CP Coulter probably didn't do shit research wise. Reed gives Kurt his Windsor pin, which proves that Kurt is in the band of merry Windsors. Reed talks too much, which is something he and I have in common. Reed cuts his mouth on a soda can and runs off, because his job as Mr. Exposition was over.

Kurt asks if Reed is gay, and Blaine has no idea. I bet he is, because CP Coulter is a very blatant Yaoi Fangirl. Reed is apparently the son of a famous fashion editor. Also, his last name is Van Kamp. Unfortunate Name indeed. Kurt and Blaine flirt some more and I'm like JUST HOOK UP GUYS. Seriously, the level of UST is BS.

Wes and David agree with me. Reed thinks that they're cute together. Dwight is convinced that Kurt has an aura left over from McKinley. Wes proves how truly Genre Savvy he truly is. I'm impressed.
Wes: they'll subtly flirt forever and get nowhere
Wes and the twins go off to go annoy Kurt and Blaine. Then everyone gets in a marshmallow fight that makes the Vegetarian in me cry.

The morning after, there is screaming outside. And it's for Wes GenreSavvy. Sorry Do0d. Blaine tries to get the girl, whose name is Tabitha and who is Wes' ex, to be quiet, but Kurt beats him to it. Kurt gives her a not-so-insulting burn that would never work in Real Life, but stuns her into silence and earns him the praise his Possession Sue-ness deserves. Oh, please. Get me up at my normal wake up time without my coffee, and if I wouldn't fall asleep on him, I'd probably insult him or cuss him out. But anyway, my lack-of-morning-person-ness aside, Kurt apparently needs coffee in the morning. LOTS of coffee. Apparently the whole thing with Tabitha happens once a month. I'd make a joke about something else that happens once a month, but that's way less funny than most writers think it is. Dwight makes a joke about exorcism, which makes me guess that he is a very crazy Catholic. Which isn't fair, because we suffer enough.

Kurt apologizes for what happened that morning, although he apparently made things much worse than what they could have been. Kurt made Warblers, to nobody's surprise. Seriously, it's never hard to make choir if you're a Possession Sue. He's off to get his music, which he will sight read in five seconds and magically know the choreography to, just like he did just like he was in New Directions.

Kurt is walking to pick up his warblers' music, when he hears singing from the hallway. He walks in to see a guy singing * According to the fancasting on the Dalton Wikia, he looks like... Damn. DAYUM! The blonde guy is singing "Just A Dream" by Nelly. His name is Logan and he's a Slytherin Stuart. He's evidently singing the Sam Tsui version of the song. as;ldaeoirgaeorgihja; SAM TSUI!!! He knows about Sam Tsui and is in choir? Nerds Are Sexy indeed. They sing the song together, and... I shouldn't have been so surprised. He's gay. The Warblers storm into the room, and Blaine and Logan are passive agressive assholes towards each other.

Logan talks to another guy about the whole duet thing. We have no idea who this other guy is. He is definitely has a crush on Kurt. I hate to break it to you, Logan, but it's not gonna happen. Reed overhears this and it sounds like he's really sad. Aw...