Hobbes Plays: Fire Emblem 7


Chapter 5: Beyond the Borders

Chapter 5 opens with our group racing for the border out of Bern and into Lycia to escape the Ganelon bandits who still pursue them. Lycia must boast a more impressive military than Sacae or Bern if these bandits who routinely raid into those countries are unwilling to pursue the group into Lycia.

Sain is eager to reach his homeland, longing for its food and, surprise, women. Kent threatens to find the group accommodations sans the inn hostess Sain's lusting after, but Lyn doesn't mind. No sooner is that matter settled, though, than the bandits reappear from the far side of the map. They seem to have learned their lesson about trying to capture Lyn as a prize, though, as the leader's orders this time are to wipe out everyone.

Plus one for learning that lesson, big guy, but minus twenty for not realizing Lyn could kick your entire crew's collective asses by herself, and that's without considering that I've got Kent in the wings.

Two green units appear on the map between me and the enemy, a pink-haired girl who announces that they're lost, followed by a violet-haired boy who points out that she chose the path. The boy, Erk, is annoyed that the girl is less than she advertised herself as when he hired on as her bodyguard, and wants to refund her money and part ways. The girl, Serra, is... strong willed in refusing his resignation. Erk addresses her as a priestess, but she calls herself a noblewoman. She insults his personality and makes lecherous comment about his looks. Ah, now here's some familiar territory. Erk throws it right back in her face, but seems resigned to fulfilling his job. Serra suddenly spots something happening and runs off to investigate. Erk laments his situation. Another character I can immediately sympathize with, then.

Serra manages to attract the attention of the bandits and panics. Erk calmly inserts himself in the way and blasts the bandit Archer with a couple fireballs, but not quite enough to kill. Ah, so this is a magic setting. Lyn spots the pair and wants to go talk to them. Serra demands that their situation is Lyn's fault, despite Erk's accurate protests that it's Serra's. Lyn suggests that the pair join up with our forces, to which Serra readily agrees. Erk isn't thrilled, but goes along with it. Serra finishes off the conversation by addressing him like a dog.

The tutorial window names Erk as a Mage and says the class uses the power of truth to attack enemies, which makes about as much sense as anything else about the world building so far. Serra is classified as a Cleric, a healer, which makes me wonder what her real class will turn out to be after her Face–Heel Turn.

The script has me use Serra to heal Erk, then finish off the Archer with Erk, and then I'm back on my own. The enemy force is smaller again, back down to the size I encountered in Chapter 4, and comprised of Brigands, Archers, and Mercenaries with a Brigand "boss" named Bug. I cleared the map easily using Kent, Lyn, and Erk alone, giving Erk the boss kill.

After the battle, Lyn is impressed by Serra's healing magic, which Serra insists can only be wielded by Good people. Nice try, sweetheart, I've seen your game too many times before.

Serra and Erk prepare to set off when Sain suddenly rushes in and, true to form, starts hitting on Serra. However, he also reveals Lyn's status as the heir to Caelin. I can almost hear the gears turning in Serra's head as she starts scheming here. Serra asks Sain for a recommendation for her and Erk's recruitment into the group, and blinded by a pretty face, Sain instantly complies. Erk doesn't like the look of this, or the prospect of facing more danger. Eh? Just what kind of bodyguard is this guy? His snarkiness at least makes up for it.

Scene change, and we're in Caelin again. Word of Lyn's border corssing has reached Lundgren, who is naturally displeased. The messenger reports that Lyn is approaching Araphen, which barring some sort of magic portal to one of those territories whose names I couldn't make out, I'm guessing is one of the other provinces of Lycia. Lundgren orders his actual soldiers into the field now, which I'll look forward to, since these Ganelon schmucks haven't been offering anything in the way of a challenge. He also orders the poison dosage for Grandpa doubled, even if they have to "hold him down and pour it down his throat."


I see that Serra could be bad but why Sain evil in your eye? Sain seem like nice strong fella.

Fusionman 8th Mar 11
I hope we get to see his his reactions to the secret conversations in the next two chapters.

{Matthew-Serra, Matthew-Hector, Serra-Hector}
????? 8th Mar 11
I originally suspected Sain to turn out to be The Mole, but later chapters made that theory unlikely. Now I just think he's an idiot, not evil.
Wryte 8th Mar 11
So you going to give Sain EXP? If Kent is strong two of them would be good halp.
Fusionman 8th Mar 11
By this point the Ganlon bandits have been reduced to "HEY GUYZ CAN WE STILL PLAY WITH YOU". But those Tavalier chaps seem quite important! I bet we may be running into them so point in the future......I mean, it's not like they would drop that plot point off right?

Emperordaein 9th Mar 11