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Calling all Tropers! Vote what I should write first!73rd Jul 2011 05:50:41 AM
An All-Female Prison Story: Ideas113rd Jul 2011 04:07:30 AM
List the tropes for your character(s)!702nd Jul 2011 11:47:01 PM
Would this make him unlikeable52nd Jul 2011 09:45:56 PM
Calling All Aussies292nd Jul 2011 05:54:48 AM
Let's Plan A Heist51st Jul 2011 03:10:19 PM
What would happen if a villian and heroine became the official couple?111st Jul 2011 02:42:24 PM
An Approach To Insanity101st Jul 2011 07:27:59 AM
monopolistic corporation goes for buying-out approach.1930th Jun 2011 11:21:27 PM
How should I write this scene?530th Jun 2011 09:14:17 PM
Reasons for a Divorce?1230th Jun 2011 10:45:56 AM
The Scourge of God530th Jun 2011 08:09:50 AM
Pushing a villain over the Moral Event Horizon1030th Jun 2011 01:43:05 AM
The Garden of Everything67829th Jun 2011 08:32:50 PM
Deus Ex/Assassin's Creed Crossover: Crazy or Crazy Awesome?829th Jun 2011 07:41:55 PM
Your Thoughts on Killing Off Characters3329th Jun 2011 02:58:08 PM
Police Powers329th Jun 2011 09:17:47 AM
How much can a Villain Protagonist get away with?2329th Jun 2011 12:59:13 AM
Thoughts about Naruto crossover?2528th Jun 2011 10:18:48 PM
Positive Pragmatism1328th Jun 2011 09:15:11 PM
In name only228th Jun 2011 08:02:17 PM
For those of you who write long-hand first...1828th Jun 2011 12:00:37 PM
The video games' approach to identifying character voice128th Jun 2011 10:02:34 AM
Shoot me, I've jumped on the vampire bandwagon.3928th Jun 2011 08:35:59 AM
what would attract someone to Edward?2728th Jun 2011 07:29:20 AM
When's it okay to change the perspective character?1528th Jun 2011 01:37:55 AM
Any tips for writing in first person?2127th Jun 2011 08:40:29 PM
Is This Believable?927th Jun 2011 07:44:30 PM
Ways you can use a sword without holding the hilt5627th Jun 2011 06:09:09 PM
Is it okay to have a character who only thinks, and doesn't talk?1227th Jun 2011 04:28:49 PM
How much detail should you put into your work?2127th Jun 2011 03:15:29 PM
Snow Fox's Vignettes2127th Jun 2011 01:54:45 PM
Establishing Character Moment dilema827th Jun 2011 01:52:31 PM
I have an insane idea.927th Jun 2011 10:52:18 AM
Idea For A Magical Boyfriend Series titled"Habori gani Kitsune"527th Jun 2011 08:21:23 AM
Inscription on a plinth . . .327th Jun 2011 08:20:49 AM
How do you write a good Superhero Origin without personal tragedy?2726th Jun 2011 11:19:46 PM
A Paean to Proofreaders126th Jun 2011 07:40:16 PM
Need some help with my magic system.726th Jun 2011 05:45:40 PM
The breakdown of social order in a sealed off city.1026th Jun 2011 04:42:47 PM
Written Fiction That Evokes Death Metal425th Jun 2011 01:36:32 PM
why this child should die1925th Jun 2011 12:41:23 PM
Adding some depth to a Snark Knight?625th Jun 2011 09:59:21 AM
Would this character offend the general Muslim community?2925th Jun 2011 06:39:38 AM
Cursing in Your Writing8525th Jun 2011 01:15:59 AM
Minor psychic powers524th Jun 2011 07:16:41 PM
Reforming The Complete Monster4524th Jun 2011 06:57:34 PM
circus acts using magic324th Jun 2011 03:11:58 PM
Writing an Alien Human1224th Jun 2011 12:45:42 PM
Empathic communication923rd Jun 2011 04:02:04 PM
If you did the devil a favor...3223rd Jun 2011 11:41:15 AM
I call them "ventriloquists"2023rd Jun 2011 08:03:04 AM
Doing Voyager Right.523rd Jun 2011 07:15:24 AM
To use or avert RPG Mechanics Verse?423rd Jun 2011 04:48:43 AM
How do you de-flanderize a character?823rd Jun 2011 04:43:52 AM
Tropifying characters123rd Jun 2011 01:12:55 AM
Webcomic Idea: Oh Dhampyr's (Stupid Working Title) 3022nd Jun 2011 01:17:20 PM
question about police systems422nd Jun 2011 11:26:39 AM
will he kill him?722nd Jun 2011 08:55:55 AM
Real-world names in a Fantasy World1721st Jun 2011 08:41:13 PM
Pitching an Idea, Gauging Possible Reactions1121st Jun 2011 12:54:43 PM
Conveying personality through narration321st Jun 2011 10:33:04 AM
Saint Cyprian Academey Of The Magical Sciences18121st Jun 2011 10:08:18 AM
Is Amnesia Murder?3021st Jun 2011 01:19:33 AM
So, is this a mary sue trait?2720th Jun 2011 07:10:02 PM
My villain's motivation620th Jun 2011 11:43:44 AM
Writting characters in an U.S. High School2920th Jun 2011 04:11:42 AM
Need help naming something419th Jun 2011 09:29:05 PM
Magical Secret Society.319th Jun 2011 06:16:43 PM
Need help with a poem.619th Jun 2011 07:20:35 AM
The Mary Sue Line in your work.4319th Jun 2011 03:27:10 AM
Character Meme Thing718th Jun 2011 10:34:31 PM
Is This Too similar to House of Leaves?1518th Jun 2011 09:04:37 PM
Make Him Main Character Or Keep Him Secondary?518th Jun 2011 12:57:18 PM
Vampire And Dhampyr Stuff....318th Jun 2011 02:48:23 AM
Here we go: Time Travel718th Jun 2011 02:26:19 AM
Hero sympathizes with his Evil Counterpart1017th Jun 2011 06:48:20 AM
What Tropes Would You Use To Describe This Character?1117th Jun 2011 04:02:26 AM
Have any of you been to a rave?2616th Jun 2011 10:20:28 PM
A scribble1316th Jun 2011 08:05:30 AM
How do I write realistic escapism?515th Jun 2011 07:40:17 PM
How do you respond to WDYMINP1515th Jun 2011 06:48:15 PM
Five Races, Fantasy Axis of Evil, and other nonhumans in your stories1715th Jun 2011 11:12:28 AM
How to open a work2315th Jun 2011 05:27:34 AM
The Load of my story414th Jun 2011 09:49:32 PM
An Essay214th Jun 2011 08:32:59 PM
My Mind: Deranged Poem Type Thing614th Jun 2011 07:53:49 PM
Realistic Reaction to this declaration?914th Jun 2011 07:51:11 PM
Novel writing versus short story writing814th Jun 2011 07:25:37 PM
"Talking Like a Guy"6414th Jun 2011 07:02:07 PM
What happens when you drop a big hunk of floating land on ocean? 3114th Jun 2011 02:37:51 PM
How do you create a Necrocracy?614th Jun 2011 05:39:58 AM
Run your characters through a Sorting Algorithm of Tropes!2313th Jun 2011 07:05:09 PM
Ten questions to define a character513th Jun 2011 04:04:24 PM
What Works Are Your Influences? 3213th Jun 2011 01:18:58 AM
Have you ever pulled a Take That on your own philosophy813th Jun 2011 01:06:50 AM
Manifestation Files--Concept and Research3412th Jun 2011 08:26:49 PM
Fighting Reality Warpers2312th Jun 2011 03:45:02 PM
How sympathetic can I make a gang of mooks?412th Jun 2011 10:17:27 AM
Does This Relationship Make Sense At All?1012th Jun 2011 06:16:11 AM

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