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Lale: Totally Radical: "Inverted in Avatar which has Aang using slang that is 100 years old. "Flameeo, my good Hotman!"
Fake Nog: Took out
  • In A Clorkwork Orange Resucked, which is the novel as the author wanted it, the glossary is removed.

because it's a nudge threadward that doesn't add much to 'The author didn't want a glossary'.

fleb: Cutting these three, because they're Unusual Euphemism or Pardon My Klingon.

* Although the series actually took place in the distant past, the robotic characters in Transformers: Beast Wars used "slag" in place of curse words.
* Used on Battlestar Galactica, the original. Frack! How do you spell Feldercarb?
** You spell it 'Felgercarb' — I guess it has something to do with used carbohydrates...
** "Frack" is a universal substitute for all senses of "fuck" as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and interjection in the new series. It can be something of a Narm for viewers, however.
**The Ciaphas Cain novels, replete with Shout Outs, make liberal use of the word "frak" as well, probably in reference to BSG.
* How the frell has Farscape not been mentioned?
** Do people not have the mivonks to add it? I mean, without Farscape slang, this entry is a load of dren.
** Finally! What the hezmana took so long?
**Y'know, technically it's not future slang since Farscape takes place concurrently with our present.


  • Wait a minute, you get a glossary as well as having the last chapter cut off? No wonder Burgess was so pissed off about the American editions...
    • This troper's American edition doesn't have one. And she doesn't miss the last chapter either.
  • And, of course, if you are Russian, you can understand it so long as you read it out loud.

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akpookie: I'm quite surprised to see that there's nothing for J.D. Robb's "In Death" series. It's full of what I would call Future Slang. Am I seriously the only fan or am I missing something? At any rate, I'll do an entry the next time I read one of the books, if no one beats me to it.

Ganon42: Would Newspeak from 1984 count or is that a different trope?