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07/10/2013 03:19:26 •••

Mindless fun.

There's not much in Ready Player One that's really earth-shattering. The story is a pretty simple conflict of individual vs. corporation, and the characters are for the most part archetypal. The bad guys are essentially strawmen with no personality, and Wade doesn't really develop emotionally. He ends up the same person he started as.

But it's also a lot of fun to read. The setting and action scenes are incredibly cool. The homages to 1980s pop culture are squee-worthy. Overall, don't expect anything meaningful, but do expect to enjoy yourself.

03/25/2013 00:00:00

Lol, I find this funny as I read it for a class. I mean, I agree with you, but we weren't looking at it from a literary standpoint. If you look at it as a study of fan culture and society, it becomes less mindless.

07/10/2013 00:00:00

Funnily enough, I also read it for a class, and analyzing the book on that level made me detest it. However, I doubt many tropers will read it that way, so it remains mindless fun if you don't think too much about how awful Wade is.

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