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03/09/2013 15:37:47 •••

My favorite season

Pros: - Great character development. Takato is not a Taichi clone (and by this I mean Hotblooded, impulsive, etc.). He's your everyday kid who happens to be a fanboy of Digimon. Like every ten year old kid, he was a bit of a coward but becomes stronger in the end, evolving with his digimon partner. The other two leads are great as well, and the way they're characterized you feel like you know them in the end. It takes place mostly in the real world and because we get to see the kids with their friends and parents, we get to know them better. We have the BEST digimon partners in any season, period. And by that I mean they are actually characters with their own personalities and are not BOUND to like their Tamers mindlessly, unlike 01 and 02. And need I mention... Impmon... Digimon are usually NOT good characters in this franchise. Impmon ranks among the best CHARACTERS in Digimon, not just the best DIGIMON character.

- Plot: Personally I find Savers has a more exciting plot, but that series turned out to have shitty character development. Sometimes that just makes you feel like a fiction can't have both a good plot and good character development. Not so here. The way Digimon is explained, the way adults are involved, and how well the rules of the universe is set out (and also how the plot unfolds) are all masterfully done.

- Darker and Edgier... But not in the usual sense. If you want death and destruction, Digimon has it all. Tamers is a kids show that dares to explore deeper issues (and the ones I personally have been asking ever since I started Digimon), like why should Renamon be Ruki's partner? What is fate and how do we deal with the past? What does it mean to evolve or mature? And it has something for adults too, considering how deeply it delves into the history of computing. There are definitely things only adults can understand.

Cons: - Unnecessary side characters. Shuichon, Kenta, Kazu. Ryo as well. Personally, it's perfectly in keeping with Digimon tradition to have a sixth ranger, but only in TAMERS do we get one who is so wholly uninteresting and hogs the spotlight like a glutton.

But in summary: Intelligent plot, difficult concepts, fascinating, relatable and realistic characters (who DON'T have broken power levels) all make Tamers my favorite Digimon season.

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