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05/08/2019 08:45:17 •••

Another pony review: I get the appeal but...

Before I even watched the show I was sympathetic to the fans because Lauren Faust was the creator. Her work on Power Puff Girls and Fosters Home for imaginary friends should bring the popularity of this series into perspective. However, I never watched the show because I didn't have the Hub network, and to be perfectly honest the subculture sort of creeped me out. What do I think about the show after finally viewing it? It's everything I expected it to be; it's similar to the shows I mentioned eariler but a lot more positive and "educational" (in otherwords, the "Y" rating fits). While I can see people in my age group (late teens, early 20s) enjoying (or at least tolerating) this program, the subculture it has created still goes over my head. Is this show really "meme" worthy? Nothing seems to stand out compared to other shows that come on less exclusive networks. Is it refuge in audacity that a MLP series can be more than the sugary sweet show from the 80s? Were people hungry for shows that are connected to cartoon network's Golden and Silver ages? Everyone has their own opinion, but I don't think that satisfies a phenomenon like Friendship is magic. Watch it for yourself and see what I may have missed.

10/15/2012 00:00:00

Funny you mention the "educational" value of the show- the IE rating is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND in the second season!

10/16/2012 00:00:00

Eh. I personally spend way more time fanning this show than others shows of about the same quality because of the fandom. For no other show can I get dozens of awesome fan vids, hundreds of fantastic pieces of fan art and even a couple of good fanfics, every week, consistently.

10/25/2012 00:00:00

It's not just you. I watched one episode's a kids show. It's not a bad kids show, and had I a daughter I might enjoy watching it with her, but a kids show it is. It reminds me of Rainbow Brite. I was a big Rainbow Brite fan when I was young, as part of my plan to be the coolest kid ever, but then I grew up...

10/30/2012 00:00:00

What does growing up have to do with enjoying a show?

10/31/2012 00:00:00

Not a fan of the show, but at least from what I've seen (mostly season 2), it does a good job with standalone episodes without talking down to its audience. Yes, the target demographic is for children, but so was the target demographic for Batman: The Animated Series. "It's a kids show" is saying "it's meant for another demographic, so I don't like it." Honestly, I think it's got better writing than most police procedurals I see now (with the exception of Castle, Mentalist and Elementary on good days). At least this show has internal consistency. If this sets the trend for children's programming, I might just switch from USA to the Hub.

11/01/2012 00:00:00

@Kerrah That's acknowledging the phenomenon, not addressing where it comes from.

@Davidthe Mouse Growing up has nothing to do with enjoying a show.

Like a said, acknowledging different opinions doesn't begin to cover this show's fanbase.

11/04/2012 00:00:00

Luomo comment seems to imply otherwise.

05/08/2019 00:00:00

here\'s what stands out, a few examples: 1. Lesson Zero and Party of One did insanity well to fit comedy without overdoing it, like Teen Titans Go (or others) that made it inane and stupid 2. Twilight\'s Kingdom has an incredibly smart and manipulative villain who was done very well 3. Perfect Pear risked taking Romeo and Juliet and was still able to create a heart-touching story that a lot of fans think is the best episode of the series

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