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12/17/2010 16:01:15 •••

A complete review

Personally, I really liked Digimon Tamers thus I shall indulge in a leghty review, but if you cannot be bothered, please do skip to the conclusion.

Tamers is labelled as a kids show, which means the sophisticated style may be unapreciated by most of the target audience (not to mention being dumbed down. I'm looking at you English dub!). Second, it is Digimon. Sadly, most of the Digimon fandom (not as much as today, though) wanted to see the old characters back, and were completely put off with the prospect of "card slashing"._To those who actually watched the season, it is not so much darker and edgier as it is serious, because the characters act like they're 10 (which they are), mistakes, death, etc. are permanent (unlike in many shonen anime) and, by the end, theire maturity is due to massive character development. Many critics deride this, but in reality it makes everything believable (in a MON SHOW!!!). Plotwise, it is as deep as a lake, Pokemon having no depth, the Adventure seasons being as deep as a pool and Serial Experiments Lain beeing as deep as the pacific ocean.It mainly has two speeds: character development or plot advance. There is no filler (unlike freaking Naruto), but at first glance the plot "evolves" slowly which, although not bad by itself, can be dull for some. It is good idea to check the source material, but overall the few Deus Ex Machina are well concealed, all references are real, the ending is both bittersweet and very emotional._With the great plot, came the superb BGM, inspired mainly by jazz, rock and the mandatory electronic music. Not so for the dub, which ruins the mood (I'm holding you responsibe for losing the mon wars, dub!!)._The CG animation is excellent, the background is like a painting, and people are detailed and proportionate, yet the characters move jerkily 95% of the fights. It is especially glaring when compared to the movies (why didn't they blow their budget, like Neon Genesis Evangelion did?)._All characters are interesting, if complex, and I could only wish they had explored Kenta more.
Tamers is special, truthfully the most mature of "mon shows". I fully recommend it.

12/17/2010 00:00:00

Like the water = depth metaphor. Like the review.

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