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08/01/2015 22:00:16 •••

story in danger!

Why I say so?'s losing it's charm~ horrible artwork in recent chapters... I can let that down, the author is not well so we should be grateful he can draw at all. However... mutant ant arc is really BAD idea in my book, it involves large scale of massacre and gore that would scare you for life (the author did it in YYH too) All I can say about this arc is glad to know Gon got to meat his father's friend then what? Stopping mutant ant? This story by now begin to lose direction added it seems Gon is the only one who have something to do at all with looking for his father.

08/01/2015 00:00:00

I can agree with you about the Chimera Ant arc. It had nothing to do with meeting his father. I think it had more to do with the loss of Kite, his father's friend and student. To add, if it were not for this arc, truly he never would've met his father in the next arc. ;)

As far as the gore destroying someone's dreams, this anime is geared to show the realities of being a hunter. I'm sure in reality, being a hunter doesn't always have perfect, happy endings.

Of course, this is a review about Hunter x Hunter as a whole, not just one arc right?

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