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08/27/2019 16:22:09 •••

Lady Tifa Review

I love this fanfic and it's beautifully written. Fans in general are always giving this fic grief for Akane and Ukyo's supposed out of character actions. I do agree that Ukyo is way to selfless and supportive to be taken seriously and I doubt Akane would ever get as crazy as she does toward the end. However, I think the author does a fantastic job of pointing out why Ranma and Akane make a bad couple. It's a more realistic approach to Ranma and Akane's (or more Akane's) problems instead of playing it of as the usual comedic slapstick.

People, especially Akane fans, forget that she's always had deep rooted trust issues regarding Ranma and they last right up to the failed wedding (She was paranoid enough to think that Ranma was going to rape her in a few arcs) Akane also has the authority to say and do whatever she wants to Ranma, knowing that she wont receive any consequences for her actions; unlike Ranma who would have hell rain down upon him if he so much as touched a hair on her head.

Anyway, despite the OCC insanity toward the end and most of the NWC being conveniently absent, I found it's depiction of Akane's escalating rage behavior pretty accurate and it's just a great read overall.

08/27/2019 00:00:00

Im sorry, but you clearly have no idea how Akane or any of the Ranma characters act in canon.

08/27/2019 00:00:00

Agreed. You completely miss that this series is a parody. You\'re just like those fans of Meg fixfics in Family Guy. Seriously, how can you apply realism to a series where a character goes into a catmode when he sees too many cats. What do you want next, a Pinocchio story about the Panda doodle that falls in love with Ranma? How about Ryoga\'s emotional breakdown when Ranma pretends to be a sister he never had? The story is like a lot of bad fanfiction, borrowing names from the canon and then rewriting the personalities entirely, to the point that its really its own story.

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