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06/22/2020 20:19:52 •••

A Mixed Bag

Honestly, I thought this movie was OK. I do have my share of complaints, but I also feel like there are quite a few positives that don't really justify the film's infamous reputation. THE GOOD

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty damn great as Mr. Freeze. I know there's been a lot of criticisms thrown his way for not taking the role seriously, but it was just so much fun watching him ham it up as a cackling, pun-spewing, diabolical mastermind. Plus, he gets a few genuine moments of pathos that show us his more human side and prove there's more to the character than just quips and murder. He's a perfect blend of Silver-Age camp with the tragedy of the modern Freeze, and I actually kinda wanted Freeze to win.
  • Poison Ivy is also a damn good villain. Not only is she delightfully sinister and entertainingly over-the-top, but C'mon. It's Uma Thurman in skin-tight clothes. How could I say no?
  • Alfred's subplot is genuinely heartfelt and sobering, and Michael Gough really puts his all into giving his long-time role a proper swan song
  • The visuals are very appealing — not to Burton levels, obviously, but it's got a cool neon color scheme and a LOT of creative detail went into the costumes and sets.
  • The soundtrack was awesome! It really captures the essence of late-90s music, and is well worth a listen for anyone who wants to return to that time period (though personally I'd skip R. Kelly's song because... well...)
  • The Bat Credit Card. Seriously, that was just brilliant.
  • Robin is annoying. Yeah, I won't even defend him. He's just this whiny, self-absorbed, insufferable little douche nozzle who doesn't do much of anything useful until the last act.
  • Batgirl is a rather bland and pointless character, existing only to spout off morals while pointless changes are made to the character's backstory.
  • Bane is perhaps the worst part of this film, having been reduced to a lumbering, monosyllabic slab of meat who just acts as a mindless henchman for Poison Ivy. Thank God for Tom Hardy or we'd never have a good cinematic Bane!
  • George Clooney doesn't leave much of an impression as Batman. He doesn't really do anything wrong, but I just don't feel him as much as I did Keaton or Bale or Affleck or even West.
  • The plot is more than a little cliche and isn't very memorable.
  • The special effects are hit-and-miss, though admittedly more hit than miss.
I think a huge reason why people hated this movie is because it's not the one they were expecting. The original Burton movie and the Animated Series — both of which I love — set a very high bar, and a bright, colorful, deliberately cheesy camp-fest clashed greatly with the tone set for Batman media by the point. In that regard, I can't really fault the people who were disappointed by this film, but as someone with a high tolerance for camp, I really can't bring myself to hate it. I'd rate it 5 out of 10. All things considered, I really don't think I could put it any higher or lower than that.

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