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03/05/2020 09:40:13 •••

Pain in video form, the man who will bring out all your backseat gaming rage.

Ever watch someone play a game, and they are just so mindnumblingly bad? Ever watch someone get flat out told where to go, but they somehow zonked out, and end up spending an hour going the wrong way, all the while ignoring your attempts to help steer them back on the right path?

That's NL.

When I first found NL, he was a guy that played a lot of titles and was quite handy at exposing his audience to a wide range of titles.

Then it happened. The Binding of Isaac.

This game just consumed NL's channel. As of this review, he's literally played thousands of runs of Isaac for his channel. Not really a bad thing right? I mean, Isaac is a very random game where almost no two runs should be alike right?


One of NL's big weakness' in games, is that he gets into a comfort zone, and that's all he wants to do. His Isaac play is basically just a flow chart. Get HP, trade HP for Devil items, try to get the SAME items over and over again, beat the run,do it again. To say it's gotten stale is an understatement.

But, all is not lost, NL does still play other games. Problem? If it's anything more complicated then an Isaac, you, the viewer, are in for a world of hurt.

Because that's when NL's second big weakness pops in. The man actively refuses to pay attention. A man who will mash his way through important character dialogue that is flat out telling you where to go and what to do, with a proclamation of "I'm sorry, I'm all lored up." As if sitting still for a minute is too much to ask.

He wanders around vid after vid, failing to go where he should, failing to find the items needed, fail because he simply can't be bothered to pay attention to tutorials and actually learn how to play.

I stumbled back across the guy every few years like an Alzheimer's patient. I'll watch, get some chuckles as NL can be quite humorous, subscribe, and within a week remember why I unsubbed in the first place.

This time it was the excellent Sekiro. I've seen people struggle with the game but I've never seen someone just miss the entire game because they refuse to pay attention, learn, or adapt AT ALL. I wanted to shout "You literally get paid for this shit! Can't you even TRY to pay attention?" All lored up, can't sit through a minute of dialogue. 2 million estimated net worth. Jesus christ.

He comes across as stupid, and to some that's the charm. That's not really it though. NL isn't stupid, and that's what makes it all so annoying. I don't know if it's because of the sheer density of his commentary or what.

He rushes through areas that really beg for careful exploration, aggros every god damn enemy on the map and just ignores EVERYTHING. Easy stealth option ala Sekiro? Completely botches it time and again because he won't slow down and stop rushing everything.

TL;DR NL is a guy with impressive mechanical skills and robust commentary who will absolutely drive you up the wall till you are ready to scream.

03/05/2020 00:00:00

hey just so you know at 04:52 in this review you missed a tinted rock

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