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01/09/2020 06:50:27 •••

Makes FNAF scary again...

These videos... good lord. Sometimes they would be eerily empty videos with Sudden Soundtrack Stops and other times they would be filled with jumpscares and flashing lights. The first time you watch any one video, you wouldn't be able to predict which type of horror would ensue. The fact that these are supposed to be VHS tapes also gives an "old" feel. In the case of "Nonexistent Video" the fear factor may be almost entirely replaced with Tear Jerker material, which makes Squimpus' content even more unpredictable. In a way that lack of predictability is what drives the horror. The lore behind FNAF is portrayed in ways that genuinely make me pity everyone in it, whether it meant being locked away for 30 years away from your son, or being told by someone you were related to that you didn't exist.

01/09/2020 00:00:00

Agreed. Squimpus\' videos are very much a wild card; you never know what you\'re going to get until you press the play button.

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