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05/23/2019 14:21:53 •••

Confused buildup to a really good finish (season 1)

Reboots always have to face an uphill struggle, especially after Teen Titans Go soured the experience for everyone. The episodes are extremely stand alone, and we don't even get a origin episode. Now, I enjoyed Gwen's new personality and relationship with Ben (always found her unlikeable, arrogant and a brat in the original and, unlike Ben, someone who never gets called on it) and the humor is usually not cringey, but it can make difficult to get interested in it. That said, the last episode is a immense step up, and I'd say is way better written than "Secrets", from the original series, who was very by the numbers and made Ben's actions almost useless in his own show. Plus, the suddendly more serious situation is a very effective wake up call for both the characters and the audience. I especially liked the new Vilgax, who was so thin personality-wise in the original that his only lines of dialouge could have been just "Omnitrix" and "Revenge".

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