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04/26/2019 05:28:59 •••

A good conclusion of the Infinity Saga, but the expectations are too high

I saw Avengers: Endgame last night, and even if I enjoyed the movie, I am a bit disapointed. It isn't a bad movie, but it isn't as good as Infinity War.

In fact, despite all the characters that appear on screen, this movies is more a sequel (and conclusion) of Captain America: Civil War than a true Avengers movie. It is both its main strengh and weakness: the two characters that have the more screen time and the more plot relevance are Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Warning: I have to spoil the first 30 min of the movie

The movie starts with Tony and Nebula lost in space. They are saved by Carol Danvers who bring them back to Earth and all heroes have a meeting to decide what to do. Rocket detects that Tanos used the stones 2 days before on a remote planet so they all (except Tony) go there to fight Thanos, who is weak since he just destroyed the infinity stones. They kill him, but they can't do anything without the infinity stone.

Then there is a 5 years time skip. Antman is sent back to the real world and he finds a way to maybe get back the stones. Steve has nothing to lose: his loved one is dead, his best friends were reduced to ashes. Tony has everything to lose: he and Pepper survived and they now have a daughter. But there are some people Tony wants to see again. So all main characters must follow a very risky path while being confronted to their past mistakes and missed opportunities.

Steve Rogers is probably the favorite character of the Russo Brothers. His character arc is good, and he has some of the best scenes of the movies. The audience applauded him twice: one time for a wonderful line in the lift scene, and a second time during the final fight.

Tony Stark's character arc is more complex, as he has a slightly different goal than the other characters. This movie allows him to somehow make peace with his late father. And to awesomely conclude the journey he started with his famous line I am Iron Man.

The four other original avengers are more one-dimensional. Hulk and Thor have important roles but are often reduced to comic relieve roles. Black Widow and Hackeye form a tragic duo but they don't have enough screentime. About the other characters... Antman is a joke, Rocket and War Machine simply do their job and Thanos is a generic bad guy. Only Nebula has an interesting role. Carol Danvers must be hated by the writers and directors to be so butchered. She has no introduction, almost no line of dialogue, she appears as a cold, unfriendly woman who seldom interracts with the other characters. All other 35+ characters are little more than a cameo.

So, it is a satisfying conclusion to the Infinity Stones Saga, as the focus is on the original 6 avengers but it fails at preparing the next phase of the MCU. The lack of a stinger and the weak roles given to the new avengers means that at the end, my feeling was: "Ok, that was fun. But now what ?"

04/24/2019 00:00:00

Movie is advertised as a conclusion of 11 years of storytelling
Meant to be the swan song of the original 6
Somehow it\'s a negative it focuses on all this instead of doing the same old crank out ending, set up next film that has no place here.

I mean, I\'m glad you still enjoyed the movie and all, but I honestly didn\'t know what you were exppecting.

04/24/2019 00:00:00

I understand where he\'s coming from, as someone who has a Big Hero 6 review up with very-similar complaints regarding a supposed ensemble picture instead focusing on a few, marketable members of its cast. And who\'s on-record in another review claiming that Marvel\'s clueless when it comes to using the Thor property. And so on.

04/26/2019 00:00:00

@Tropetastic 1995

I was expecting something like Avengers:Infinity War, something both epic and tragic. I wanted to see Thanos with the full power of the 6 infinity stones facing all the Avengers. Instead, we have a much weaker Thanos who is still badass, but is not the threat he was in Infinity War. In fact, this movie is way more lighter and softer than IW, and the victory was almost too easy. I imagined the final battle as something like Thanos with all the 6 infinity stones, and each of the 6 original Avengers removing the stones one by one, with each stone removed costing the life of one of the 6 original Avengers. Instead, it is almost a happy-ending, with only 1 character doing a heroic sacrifice during the final battle.

Imho, this movie was done to make Steve Rogers look good, and this character does really shine. But all other characters (except Tony Stark) have their role reduced and it doesn\'t feel as balanced as the previous Avengers movies.

But despite its many flaws, this movie is still fun and enjoyable if you have seen ALL the previous movies of the MCU.

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