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02/23/2019 12:55:15 •••

Enjoyable, but not as original as the first

Warning: Unmarked spoilers for the first movie

While Lego toys are something of a no-brainer when it comes to making a best-selling movie with merchandise, the original Lego Movie not only managed to make an entertaining film, but also one that managed to capture the spirit of building creatively with Legos. The sequel, while enjoyable in its own right, isn't quite as original as the first.

The plot takes place five years after the first movie, both inside the Lego universe and in the real world. Bricksburg has been invaded by toys from the Systar System (if you don't get it, read it out loud), who end up kidnapping some of Emmet's friends. Emmet then sets out for the Systar system to save his friends and prevent "Ourmamageddon" (again, read it out loud).

While the existence of human characters was a fairly surprising twist in the first one, the second one assumes you know about it already, so it's not as much of a surprise. If you've seen the previous film, you can probably guess what's going on in the real world even before the movie actually shows you. Furthermore, anyone familiar with the stock Be Yourself Aesop probably knows that the various characters putting pressure on Emmet to toughen up is not a good thing, even if it isn't immediately obvious how bad it is.

That said, the movie, like the previous one, is silly fun, loaded full of subtle references and jokes. A lot of the in-universe ideas and names sound like those that young kids would come up with, such as "Queen Watevra Wa'nabi" (once again, say it out loud) getting words wrong in her Villain Song.

The characters, both Lego and human, have changed a fair amount since the first one, and continue to change over this one. The change isn't always good, as it's shown that Finn's not entirely willing to share with his sister, and Emmet, as mentioned above, is tempted to cast aside his Nice Guy self to toughen up, but the development comes across as believable and organic.

In short, while the second Lego Movie is less original and more predictable than the first, it's still quite entertaining for the same reasons, so you should check it out if you enjoyed the first movie.

02/23/2019 00:00:00

Those puns\'re a bit much, but still. This was a very useful review as someone who was wavering on whether or not to try out the sequel. Thanks.

02/23/2019 00:00:00


You\'re welcome. Unlike the first movie, the puns in the names were a lot more obvious, (for example, it\'s hard to tell where Finn got the idea for the name \"Kraggle\" until you see the Krazy Glue).

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