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12/28/2018 11:42:16 •••

Wonderful Gameplay, Average Story(Spoilers on story part!)

Persona 5 is, in my opinion, one of the best of the JRPG games I had played. I have seen fans arguing whether Breath of the Wild is better than Persona 5 or vice versa. The dungeon exploring part in Persona 5 is quite an enjoyment.Some may argue that they dislike the turn-based fighting, but it is in fact just as much dynamic and exciting than other action game, if not better. You can use various tactics to fight them, and your enemy can do the same to you. These mechanics proves that Persona 5 is the best JRPG game created by ALTUS so far, and I am sure there are already countless reviews about the wonderful game.

Unfortunately, whatever improvments is made in Persona 5 is at the cost of other aspects, which is the plot and the characters. I often joked with my friend that "Persona 3 is selling its plot, Persona 4 is selling its characters, and Persona 5 is selling its game." As long as one is playing the game, this shortcoming can be overlooked due to its fancy graphics and gameplay. However, if we made some adaptations of it, it will be either medicore or extremely difficult. Persona 5: The Animation is a classic example of that. The creaters is trying to make an impression for the audience, and failed miserablely in overall. On the other hand, Persona 4: the animation handles the issue much better, and even add an original plot of Narukami's shadow. Secondly, the confidant links in Persona 5 suffers a big deal of Gameplay and Story Segregation. For example, Ryuji's confidant link shows that he is actually clever and tactful. he is also the one who is willing to protect his friends at the cost of his well-being(Ironically, this is the reason that I am on the fence about the Ann-Ryuji shipping because they are too familar).However, main plot shows him as an impulsive, inconsiderate, and a dumbass, which describes what Ryuji was, but not what he really is. Another instance is during Shido palace, Joker is supposed to remain hidden and not to be seen, but we can still work in a convenient store. Now if Akechi walk into the store by chance...

Speaking of Akechi, the villians in this game is more flat and medicore compare to rest of them. The first two palace owner is well-written, and Kaneshiro is quite a comic-relief. But Okumura is unsympathetic, while Shido is evil... and that's it. ALTUS seems to suggests that the true problem of corrupted adults is the lack of action of the masses. Which makes me wonder what should I put Akechi in? ALTUS is trying made us feel bad for what Akechi had become, bur his face-heel turn or heel-face turn are coming out of nowhere. In the remake of Persona 5, I would like to see Akechi get a better writing, he deserves a much better story telling than his death.

In short, Persona 5 is a wonderful game for a terrible animation. If you truly want to get in touch with Persona 5, I would suggest playing the game than watching the Anime.

12/28/2018 00:00:00

I personally like Persona 5 more than Breath of the Wild, and think it should have gotten Game of the Year over the latter game.

I agree that Persona 5\'s gameplay is a significant improvement over the previous installment... but you don\'t really explain why. You could have mentioned how the new options such as Baton Pass add depth to battles, the fact that Confidants have actual gameplay benefits apart from experience boosts to fusing Peronas from that Arcana, the fact that the dungeons are significantly more elaborate than Tartarus or the various TV world dungeons, or various other quality of life improvements. While your word count is limited, including details can help your reviews. Instead, your review is overly vague, such as \"You can use various tactics to fight them, and your enemy can do the same to you,\" and comparing fully turn-based games to action games is like comparing apples and oranges.

I\'d argue that Ryuji isn\'t all that much more \"clever and tactful\" in his confidant than in the game. In the former, he\'s somewhat better than his former teammates by virtue of being willing to own up to what he\'s done being forgiving enough to not gang up on Nakaoka.

I\'ll concede that being able to do things like work at the convenience store while Joker\'s faking his death is strange, but it would be quite a hassle if most of your Confidants were off limits during this time (especially considering that you probably haven\'t made much progress in Haru\'s Confidant).

There\'s nothing \"comic-relief\" about Kaneshiro, a man who has Makoto sold into sex slavery in his bad ending, and has most likely done so several times in the past.

I\'d argue that Okumura wasn\'t meant to be all that sympathetic. Even Haru, his daughter, feels utterly betrayed when his Shadow tells the cognitive version of her fiancÚ that he\'s fine with his daughter being the younger man\'s mistress as long as he gets what he wants. Before sending the calling card, Haru notes that she saw that her father has expressed no remorse for his actions. If Kunikazu\'s death is sad, it\'s because Haru is understandably traumatized as a result of losing her father.

As for Akechi, while he\'s a fairly divisive character, I think he was handled fairly well. The Phantom Thieves can\'t forgive what he\'s done (Haru and Ryuji even say as much), but they sympathize with his circumstances, and for a time, thought of him as one of them. In the end, after learning Shido planned to betray him all along, Akechi\'s goal doesn\'t change- he simply sacrifices himself for the Thieves so they can finish the job and take down Shido in his stead.

On another subject, you should probably proofread your reviews more, since I notice more than a few typos, word agreement issues and other problems. You also tend to occasionally include irrelevant details, such as about the Ann/Ryuji ship, and sometimes get sidetracked onto the Persona 5 anime- perhaps you should make a separate review for The Animation.

Essentially, this review doesn\'t do a very good job of evaluating Persona 5\'s strengths and weaknesses or helping people who haven\'t played it decide whether it\'s worth their time without spoiling the game(I know you warned people about it). It\'s a shame that such a great game doesn\'t have more competently written reviews on this site.

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