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03/12/2019 13:15:28 •••

Y'all need Jesus. Seriously. This is a mess. Scary and unthinkable. Run! 😨

It's okay to dream, but fear has no place in that dreamland. I watched something that no one in their right mind needs to dwell on. It hurts to think about how harmful this show can get. You might be able to watch it, but for the sake of all that is good, refuse it.

There are some series that I know make the stomach turn. This show is overflowing with vile things. In the first episode alone, you see utterly hellish things and they pour out with no remorse. I don't care if it's fictional- the graphic violence here goes beyond what one could shake off or joke about and intentionally tries to be offensive. When someone is humorously mocking injury, it can be tasteful, but Superjail! is anything but. Each episode continues to do more savage acts and promote nightmarish imagery. Animal cruelty is a terrible and ungodly act, yet readily depicted in ways that would have PETA up in arms, bloodbaths encompass large portions of the episodes, and it outdoes itself with increasingly perverse displays of unadulterated evil.

Some people actually enjoy this spectacle, but don't be fooled. It's all messed up, and will bring people rushing to their therapists. Horrifying acts fill the series and make it toxic. If Superjail! simply had none of that and was a tame show at the PG level focusing on the characters, it could be a watchable series. There was no need for it to employ this trash. Liking it is wrong for a kind heart. I pray to God that the memories are soothed away because I want love and compassion to take its place.

03/12/2019 00:00:00

Do yourself a favor. Never watch any adult show again, ever. In fact, never watch anything above a T-rating or so, since it\'s clear you can\'t handle it

03/12/2019 00:00:00

This is a very armageddonist view on what is just an adult cartoon series relying on Black Comedy. There are less flowery ways to say that some show that relies on gory humor is too over-the-top for your tastes. Society is pretty numbed and used to depictions of gratuitous violence by now, so I doubt anyone would beat up their pets after seeing animals maimed for laughs in a cartoon that plays violence in general for laughs.

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