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07/15/2018 12:32:58 •••

Catharsis Factor: The Video Game

Hey, you know those games you haven't finished yet because you keep getting killed or the puzzles aren't making sense? You ever wish that maybe, you could just take a break and do something a bit easier? Just pick up a Kirby game.

This beautiful series is not about being challenging. It's not about plot. It's about being pure plain fun for when you need to relax after beating that hard Final Fantasy boss. Instead of running into random encounters or gimmick enemies that require some weird outside the box tactic that most people wouldn't think of to beat them, you get to tear through enemies like paper with your sword. Or your boomerang. Or your hammer. Or virtually anything.

Now, that isn't to say that the game can't be difficult sometimes. If you let your guard down due to the easy platforming, you can be damn certain that you are likely to get messed up by one of the bosses. the Kirby series is known to have some of the best bosses, in terms of fun and occasional sudden difficulty. It very much deserves it's spot on the Easy Levels, Hard Bosses page.

In short, The Kirby Series is what happens when you yake cute characters, nightmarish antagonists, and pure plain fun and mix them together into an adorbale series that's entirely about Catharsis Factor.

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