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03/16/2019 14:24:42 •••

On the other hand...

While I agree that this fanfic is well written and gripping, the premise of it is irrelevant to the story. Midoriya's quirk has no impact on the plot which follows manga to the letter. Midoriya's change of perspective is noticable and interesting but is doesn't change the fact that this is a retelling of canon material. Also Bakugou in this story is a lot more hateful and mean than in manga.

03/16/2019 00:00:00

this might be a late response, but bakugou is no more hateful and mean than he is in this fic than he is in the manga!!! part of the way that the story doesn\'t diverge from canon is that bakugou\'s actions are the same as in canon; it\'s just that izuku reacts differently

and, yeah, i get you on the manga-following, but since then, pitviper\'s gotten a lot better at diverging. she wasn\'t as confident when writing the start of yuts, but later chapters and newer fics are improving

really, with a lot of fanfic, people read it for more introspection than in canon, and more exploration of relationships. this fic delivers pretty well with that

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