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09/09/2017 11:10:19 •••

An interesting and enjoyable read

It's a very fun fic from the get go, when Red gets his pokémon and immediately begins experimenting- though not in a harmful way.

I love how the author incorporates science into the pokémon world. He has his main character, Red, question anything and everything that doesn't make sense, such as the ridiculousness of certain type matchups, or even the names of various types.

It's a lot like Methods of Rationality, in that while it deals a lot with science, it's still an engaging read for people not into the the subject, due to the characters and their interactions with each other. Red and Blue's friendship is a lot of fun, despite the fact that even from the start, it's less of a rivalry than the games or manga, due to Red's desire to be a researcher instead of Pokémon League Champion or a "Pokémon Master."

I also enjoy Red and Leaf's budding relationship, though Red doesn't seem to have considered that he might have a crush. Unlike all of the pedophiles who write Harry Potter fanfiction, the fic's very realistic when it comes to a- possibly- mutual crush between preteens. I don't know if they're actually going to end up together, but I hope so, since I always shipped Red and Green(the girl) in the manga. It'll be a while, though, considering that the fic's 47 chapters in and it's only been seven or eight months and two gym badges since the trio's adventure began.

There are one or two downsides, from my perspective. Unfortunately, like I said above, Red has no desire to become Champion, and consequently he's not even challenging gyms, which was kind of a big let down for me. The fact that Red isn't very similar to Red in the manga, games, or Pokémon Origins is something that peeves me a bit as well. I also find the present tense that the fic is written in rather jarring, but that's just me, really.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend this fic to anyone; it's well written, engaging, and, as far as I can tell, regularly updated.

09/09/2017 00:00:00

Good review, but did you really have call anyone who writes Harry Potter fanfiction a pedophile? Actually, you don\'t even need the paragraph that\'s in to begin with. It\'s just shipping and contributes nothing to the review itself.

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