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02/21/2021 21:10:05 •••

The Colours of the World by Mai Kusakabe

The Colours of the World, while starting off slow, is unique in that it is entirely from Mustang's perspective. Yes, that's right; he's the one that get's sent off to Britain, not Ed. And that makes it a bit different, as Mustang takes on a bit of a... different way of taking care of things then Ed normally would. Mustang is also very in character, and the author most likely worked hard to keep him that way, not to mention Mustang's character traits, besides the obvious ones, must have been hard to figure out and portray accurately. Roy also starts off with several disadvantages, which make it interesting but slow going, but it picks up after a few chapters. Also, if you think Ed not being in it isn't interesting to you, then this fic is not for you; he's thought about by Roy, but he has not shown up so far as far as I'm aware. And given that Ed no longer has Alchemy in this, I doubt he'll show up any time soon.

02/21/2021 00:00:00

Hey, if you\'re still active and interested, I started a tropes page for this fanfic.

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