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09/14/2011 22:43:41 •••

The good, the bad, and the rest of it.

Over all, it has a whole lot of good stuff about it. The characters are all likable once you get to know them, and the new Normandy is pretty fun to walk around in. All of the environments are really detailed and give you a unique sense of culture every time you step onto a planet. The AI seems pretty smart, and the way they've streamlined the weapons means that you no longer have to go screwing around in your inventory for weapon upgrades or worry about buying a more powerful gun after every mission. The upgrades being available on the Normandy make it a lot more convenient than having to switch in the middle of a mission. The bad: Planet scanning. It may be helpful, but it's extremely boring. You'll probably have to drain a whole system of minerals before you're able to buy an upgrade. The rest: All in all a really good game, despite the sort of Anticlimax Boss. Can't wait for the next one.

04/18/2011 00:00:00

I think the Anticlimax Boss of the Human-Reaper is justified by the Suicide Mission. Also, I think you're supposed to be so freaked out by the whole revelation that you don't think about difficulty

04/18/2011 00:00:00

About the scanning: that's an exaggeration. You don't need to scan "an entire system" to buy an upgrade, and scanning is quick and simple enough (even more so once you buy the Advanced Mineral Scanner, which can be done very early on in the game). You, like many other players, just happen to suffer from ADD.

I agree that the last boss could've been more challenging.

09/14/2011 00:00:00

The main plot is very barebones, and it mostly serves as an excuse to flesh out your party members. The main problem is that none of the loyalty missions could satisfy me; i wanted to know more about the characters and yet there's only one character centric mission per party member and only 2 instances of the party members interacting with each other outside of the main story missions. First one, Jack and Miranda, second one, Tali and Legion. That's it. Very frustrating. Aside from that it was a good game.

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